Logan Pierce That Plaintiff Guy in the Vivid Condom B Lawsuit; Lots of Girls in the Biz have Latex Allergies He Says

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Looks like those girls with latex allergies might have to find other work.

Much isn’t said about Logan Pierce’s name attached as plaintiff in the Vivid lawsuit against Measure B. And I always wondered why he drew the straw.

Pierce is profiled in an article on www.projectwordsworth.com written by Jacob Weis. Pierce, 22, we’re told, is a Philly kid and winner of the Best Male Newcomer at the 2012 AVN Awards, but we’re never really told why Pierce’s name, all of a sudden, appears in a lawsuit when other more established male performers might add heft to the legalities.

Pierce tells his interviewer that he falls in love with his co-star in sex scenes. Maybe too much in love because Pierce’s girlfriend [no names mentioned], a female performer, ended their relationship because she couldn’t handle it. Now there’s a switch.

“If I’m going to make love to a girl, I’m going to make that girl think that I’m in love with her. I’m going to worship her body,” Pierce states.

States the article: “Pierce’s romantic nature makes him considerate, too: ‘I’m the only male performer who actually wipes his come off the girl at the end.’”

Pierce says his co-stars are shocked every time: no other guys ever bother. This makes girls clamor to work with him. Hence, popular. Hence, successful.

How Pierce’s name winds up as plaintiff in this lawsuit is explained sort of: “Pierce protested Measure B because if he didn’t, he worried ‘no one else would.’

“He still isn’t sure whether most porn performers don’t voice their opinions more because ‘they are afraid of the ridicule’ of the public’s daylight-eye, ‘or because they have nothing to say.’

“Either way, unafraid and with plenty to say, Pierce decided to play the leader. To ‘fight for a cause I believe in.’

According to Pierce, if a condom mandate goes into effect, producers will “take anyone off the street and throw a condom on him.” That’s beginning to sound like the Kernes hazmat scare.

“I can’t tell you how much I despise wearing condoms,” Pierce goes on to say.

“They are restricting and abrasive. They dry the girl out and dry themselves out so you have to keep reapplying them.” The hassle slows shoots down, which “amounts to male talent losing wood, everyone losing energy, needing more lube.”

“Believe it or not,” adds Pierce, “there are a lot of girls in this industry who have latex allergies.”


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