Manhattan Sex Trafficking Case: This Prostie Love Her Pimps; These Guys Should Be Running an Adult Talent Agency

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from – The first self-avowed hooker in an alleged, father-son sex trafficking ring has taken the stand on her pimps’ behalf, regaling a packed Manhattan courtroom with sunny details of the fabulous employee benefits of being a ‘ho.’

Cars, a furnished home in Allentown, Pa, ski and beach vacations as well as a four-year, all-expenses-paid maternity leave. These were among the bennies of turning $300 tricks in limousine back seats and fancy Manhattan hotel room for Vincent George, Jr. and Sr. — so swears Danielle Geissler, 31 [pictured].

“He made sure I was safe,” Geissler said of her pimp, George Jr., who she called her sweetheart, her employer, her “daddy,” and the doting father of her eight-year-old daughter.

Then there were her loving co-workers — her “family,” she called them.

Manhattan sex trafficking prosecutors are trying to paint the Georges as presiding through threats and humiliation over a ring of tormented sex slaves — but Geissler’s testimony is describing a triple-X polygamous paradise straight out of the Church of Latter Day Sinners.

“We all took care of each other,” Geissler enthused, sitting on the witness stand in a cleavage-hiding beige linen pants suit.

“Meaning me and his other girlfriends,” she explained, describing Jr.’s Allentown-based stable of several blondes, who she said also called each other “wife-in-laws” and “bitches.”

Sure, like any family they fought sometimes.

“We had our ups and downs, but for the most part I loved him,” she told assistant district attorney John Temple, head of the Manhattan DA’s sex trafficking unit, which is continuing to call Geissler and the alleged rings’ four other sex workers “victims. ”

“Please describe one of those ‘downs,'” Temple asked.

“Um, me wanting something and not getting my way — like, um, d—,” Geissler shared. “Sex.”

At the defense table, Jr. shook his head and gave a “there she goes again” smile.

“Especially around my period. I’d get extra horny and if I don’t get it when I wanted it I would hate the world.”

“Did you all live together?” defense lawyer David Epstein asked.

“No, we all had our own houses,” answered Geissler with a flick of her long, highlighted hair.

“We had several cars, each of us,” she said, smiling and giving a bright “Yes!” when the lawyer asked her if the homes were furnished, and had “kitchen appliances.”

That tattoo with her pimp’s name? “I begged him for it,” when she started working for Jr. at age 18, Geissler said. Those recorded phone calls where Jr. would threaten to beat her? “He was a phone thug,” she admitted.

“Someone who’s tough on the phone and then it is all talk,” she explained to defense lawyer Howard Greenberg.

“I let it go in one ear and out the other,” she said.

Testimony in the wacky case continues throughout the day before Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ruth Pickholtz, with most or all of Geissler’s leggy co-workers slated to give their own pimp testimonials from the witness stand throughout the week.

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