Misc Shit – Moore & Steal Video Chat, Kelly-Jordon Wedding, Rudy Fired Rumors

>Live Video Chat with 2 Babes – Pleasure Productions contract star Krystal Steal and Jill Kelly Productions contract performer Ashton Moore will unite on the world wide web to perform in a Live Video Chat. The chat will be aired on their respective websites which are both run through Club Jenna. You can see the two blonde adult vixens together Wednesday September 17th at 7pm PST.

>Weeding in Hawaii – I thought the place was filled with mostly sand and palm trees but Scott Hoover from JKP sent this post: Jill Kelly, adult film legend and president of Jill Kelly Productions is set to wed fiancé, director Corey Jordan this week in Hawaii. “I could not happier!” says Kelly. The weeding is to take place this weekend in Maui. See a pic of the couple here.

>Hoover Responds to Rudy Firing Rumors – Scott writes: Rudy Figueroa was not fired by Jill or anyone at Jill Kelly Productions. He was given the choice of staying with JKP, or continuing with his own interests. He decided to leave JKP on his own. What happened with his hired talent was unfortunate, but in no was JKP involved with Lucky Pictures.

Editor’s Note: We made that clear in our story. For more details, including other talent problems with Figueroa, read a post today on Gene Ross’ site.

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