Mr. Marcus Spotted at Exxxotica Convention in Atlantic City Spreading the Love

As you can see in picture, Mr. Marcus was at Exxxotica this weekend. Word is not too many people wanted an autograph from Mr Syphilis. Be that as it may, it is further proof that Mr. Marcus is back spreading the love just like we said he was

Of course not everybody is convinced Mr Marcus is back, including a certain pathological lying hillbilly scumbag. You know who I’m talking about. The man with the number one site in the adult business (according to him) Mike South.

I was looking at our ratings today. By ratings I mean server stats. You know what? They’re pretty fucking good.

How can Mike South claim he is the number one site that everybody in the business goes to according to his fictional Alexa ratings? Take a look at his site. He updated twice last week. April 7th and 11th. How can he claim to have ten times the traffic of our site? How can he claim that his site is more visited than AVN or XBIZ because or course they fake their ratings and all he does is update once or twice a week, sometimes less? That goes against all logic.

Mike South, how can you claim to have the number one site when you update 40% less than all the other sites out there? Do you understand that this makes no sense?

When Mike South talks, he literally steps on his dick every step of the way. He commented on our story on Mr. Marcus on his message board. Mr Marcus is shooting again. He is doing scenes under the radar for little fucking websites here and there and working for Vivid. Somebody brought this up on Hillbilly Boy’s site. Look at what he posted:

“like most of the stuff on kazoos site its isnt based much on reality yea they threw him a small bone but he isnt performing, he hasnt tested in ages and is listed in pass as not available…his last test was over 6 months ago”

Once again, he’s claiming that what we post are lies, but he won’t point out what are lies.

But this is where he steps on his dick:

“yea they threw him a small bone but he isnt performing, he hasnt tested in ages and is listed in pass as not available…his last test was over 6 months ago”

This is the same man who argued that he himself is not in the PASS system because it doesn’t mean anything because he doesn’t trust them. He relies on his own system and what works for him doesn’t work for the rest of the business. None of the guys Mike South shoots are in the PASS system and they work with girls like Lindsey Lovehands. But Rob Black is lying because Mike South went into the PASS database and Mr. Marcus wasn’t there. So haha, that means Mr. Marcus isn’t working.

If Mike South and his bukkake boys can fuck girls and not be in the PASS database, why can’t Mr. Marcus also fuck girls and not be in the database?

Once again, Mike South stepping all over his dick. Mike South and his boys can shoot and not be in the database, but because Mr. Marcus isn’t either, that means he’s not shooting. How can anybody follow Mike South’s logic?

He shoots himself again in the foot when he says that Marcus’ last test was six months ago. Even if you believe Mike South that he hasn’t shot recently, he shot six months ago, which is probably right around the time he shot the Vivid movie.

Mike South isn’t in the PASS system but he shoots. His bukkake boys aren’t in the PASS system but they shoot. But Mr. Marcus isn’t the PASS system so that means he doesn’t shoot. How does any of this make sense?

I know all of you message board losers listen to me. Can you please grow some balls and challenge your little butt boy Mike South?

Mr. Marcus even went to a private doctor for his syphilis diagnosis. Why would he not go to a private doctor to get a test to work as well? He shoots with a couple of amateur low rent girls that don’t know any better and sells them to people like Steve Hirsch who has his own network and buys scenes.

Mike South is a lying scumbag. He’s always been a lying scumbag and he will always be a lying scumbag. And as always, he will never produce evidence to back up any of his claims because he doesn’t have it.

And some of you actually believe this guy and that’s why you don’t like me because I’ve exposed him as a lying piece of shit. You don’t like that everything I’ve said about him has turned out to be true. You’re like children who have been told they’re no Santa Claus.

He claims to have the number one site when it defies all logic. He won’t produce server stats to back it up. He claims to have an OSHA inspector on his sets. He won’t produce a name, badge number or inspection records. He says Mr Marcus isn’t shooting because he’s not in the PASS system that he himself doesn’t use.

If you all continue to believe and support his bullshit, you’re just as much of a gutless lying cunt as he is.

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