Myne & Stormy are [L]Inked

PORN VALLEY, CA – As many industry folks know, Pat Myne, contract director and performer for Metro, and Stormy, Wicked’s contract director/performer and screenwriter, said their vows at Las Vegas a few weekends ago.
Now the two have gone even farther to show their love–they’ve gotten tattoos of each other’s names. Pat’s tattoo is written “Stormy” and Stormy’s, “Clifford,” Pat Myne’s legal last name.

AdultFYI caught up with them last night and had a chat about the experience. According to Stormy, it all started with Pat’s birthday on Friday. She sent him out with his daughter, and then went over to his tattoo parlor, Think Ink. She knew he was planning on getting another tattoo in the near future, so she paid for it as part of his birthday present. She also persuaded the tattoo artist, Byron, to cancel an appointment on Saturday night so he could do Pat’s.

When they got there, Pat was pleasantly surprised, and he then surprised her by telling her that he was getting a tattoo of her name. As Pat states, “I wanted to get tattoos of the names of the two most important women in my life.” (He already has a tattoo of his daughter’s name on one arm.)

When Stormy heard that, she said, “Well, if you’re gonna do it, I’ll do it too.” She decided on Clifford because she thought it might be too long AND awkward to have both Pat’s and his daughter’s names, under the Celtic knot.

Amusingly, Stormy could not stay still while the tattoo was getting done, so as a way to distract herself from the needlework, she decided to masturbate while she was getting it done. Pat taped it, and the couple had planned to post it on Stormy’s web site. Coincidentally, Stormy’s video camera was later misplaced, possibly stolen. Stormy said, “whoever finds the tape will be really happy, I’m sure.”

Stormy and Pat are very excited about the direction their relationship has taken and are looking forward to a long and prosperous life together.


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