New Direction for Tales of Tail

(Burbank, CA) – Since the departure of industry loved, General Manager, Mike Rick, the popular 24 hour sex talk radio station has been movin’ and shakin’ with line up additions and changes. While rumors flew about the future of the well respected adult industry fan base forum, management, without batting an eye, continues to make changes, that they hope, will positively enhance the popularity and performance of the internet based broadcast.

The latest on the list of a bold moves, KSEXradio released adult superstar Jacklyn Lick from duties as show host of Tales of Tail. “I cannot begin to say enough good things about Jackie,” stated KSEX Program Director, Wankus, “but with her increasingly busy schedule and appearances as spokesperson for Las Vegas Novelties, she’s unable to put in the extra efforts to bring that show to the level it needs to be at.” And, the listenership on Tales of Tail has dropped considerably over the past few months. In fact, while most other shows are on an increase in audience size, the numbers on the 9pm (PST) broadcast are declining. “This isn’t because Jacklyn doesn’t do a good job,” continued Wankus, “it’s because she doesn’t have time to plan her show, schedule guests and really put in the extra effort to make it pop.”

Effective immediately, Tales of Tail will be re-worked, more focused on sexy talk and erotic stories, and will be very targeted at bringing the numbers back up at that time of night. KSEXradio will replace Lick with five adult stars, one per night, weekly–much like The Wanker Show with his 5 CoHos. So far, it’s confirmed that Ann Marie will have Fridays and Brenda Kelly on Wednesdays. Talks are underway, and encouraging with Kim Chambers and Scott Styles as well as Rhiannon Bray. “We’re going to also try to get Nina Hartley,” stated Wankus, “she was the most desired star to host a show in the Listeners’ Choice Awards last year, and we’d just love to have her on the team!”


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