News From The Twitter World: Xander Corvus: Suck My Balls, Rob Black

Xander Corvus ‏@XCorvus tweets:

@RealRobBlack Hey Princess, I got an Idea. How’s about I show up at your little studio tonight and we have a Man to worm on the air?

Xander Corvus ‏@XCorvus

@RealRobBlack Why so quiet tough guy?

Xander Corvus ‏@XCorvus777 8h

@RealRobBlack you down? No, because you are a bitch and always will be. Coward. Liar. Failure. No one loves you. No one ever will.

Xander Corvus ‏@XCorvus:

Hey you cowardly little fuck? Lets go get tested. Together. You little rat bitch worm pathetic excuse for a man. #HailSatan @RealRobBlack

Xander Corvus ‏@XCorvus:

Hi my name is Mychael Burns AKA Xander Corvus. @RealRobBlack Suck. My. Balls. Thank you very much.

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