Not Surprising: Alex Gonz is Gone

LOS ANGELES — from – The male performer that adult film star Lisa Ann alleged to be positive for hepatitis has not been in contact with LA Direct Models, the agency that represents him, since the allegation surfaced Sunday, owner Derek Hay told XBIZ Tuesday.

“Alex Gonz has not returned any of our phone calls, voicemails or texts,” Hay said.

“I wish it were otherwise. I wish he would come forward immediately as [male performer] Clover did, and answer questions put forward by these allegations, and take a test if that’s necessary so that the truth be known.”

Hay said that Gonz booked the majority of his own porn scenes in an arrangement that he had with him.

“Alex only performed once in July and once in August in employment booked by Direct Models,” Hay said. “And only on one occasion in July did he have sex. The scene in August was a dialogue only role. All other shoots that he may have participated in were booked on his own.”

Hay added, “There were certain studios that he had a long history with that employed him frequently for which he calendars his own work.”

Lisa Ann, who had been booked to work with Gonz on Aug. 11 before she canceled the scene, told XBIZ Sunday that according to her information, he had participated in “two gangbangs and an orgy scene” the week before last.

Hay said, “I would suggest that it would be helpful if Lisa Ann has more information on which she based the allegation that she comes forward and provide it to someone. Because through all of our efforts to review and research the merit of her allegation, we’re drawing a blank right now. And with the performer non-responsive, we have nothing else to go on right now.”

He continued, “In the first place, Lisa Ann has alleged that he’s positive for Hep C. We have no knowledge on what basis she makes that allegation, what evidence she has seen or is in possession of to make that allegation. We can only wait and see.

“For the year 2013 in its entirety, all of the information that Direct Models was privy to regarding the performer’s clearance to work showed that he was cleared to work.”

Lisa Ann told XBIZ Tuesday that after requesting Gonz’s test and receiving one from LabCorp, that she then offered to pay for him to get a new test at either Talent Testing Services (TTS) or Cutting Edge Testing (CET) in a series of text messages with him.

“He never responded,” Lisa Ann said. “I feel him not being willing to do that proved that he could not pass the test at CET and TTS. Because that would be the only thing that he could not pass with the screening that is done at CET and TTS. Syphilis was also not listed on the test, but I think if he got syphilis the industry would have notified everyone like it has done with the recent cases.”

Lisa Ann continued, “If nothing else, if this all changes tomorrow and he comes up with a clean test, I’m willing to stand in front of the world and say how sorry I am because I don’t want anybody—a friend or foe—to be sick. Everyone can be as upset with me as they want, but I think I helped out a massive amount of people who I both know and don’t know because of this. People are reaching out to me thanking me for helping them be more responsible. For everybody who is retesting now because of this, I’m proud of that.”

She added, “I was around for the big HIV situation in 1997 and that changed the way I thought. And I’m changing the way these young girls think maybe for the rest of their careers.

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