Octomom Ushered into Strip Club covered up with a blanket.

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from www.examiner.com – Nadya Suleman is officially a porn star and a stripper. Best known as “Ocotomom”, the mother of 14 took to the stage and the pole at a Hallandale, Florida strip club Friday July 13, 2012. Her arrival seemed chaotic, and Nadya was ushered into the Playhouse Gentlemen’s Club covered up with a blanket.

Nadya Suleman has had significant financial difficulties in the past few years. Stripping is just the latest effort to help pay her mounting bills and keep her family fed and clothed. She has filed for bankruptcy, posed topless in a British magazine and performed solo in an erotic adult video. Suleman has also admitted to accepting food stamps in order to feed her large brood.

TMZ reports that Suleman “didn’t look half bad” and danced to Rhianna’s “S&M” while wearing a leather dominatrix outfit. Suleman performed a second dance dressed in a school girl’s uniform while sucking a lollipop. Reportedly, the cheering crowd showed Suleman with dollar bills.

It is not yet known if Nadya Suleman will book other adult entertainment appearances.

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