Pole Dancing Prosties Damage Street Signs

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from www.news.sky.com – Prostitutes in south Auckland, in New Zealand, have been destroying street signs by dancing and swinging from the roadside poles to entice potential customers.

Auckland resident Donna Lee said: “Prostitutes use these (street sign poles) as dancing poles… The poles are part of their soliciting equipment and they often snap them. Some of the prostitutes are big, strong people.”

It is claimed more than 40 poles have been bent or broken in the past year and a half.

Ms Lee, from the city council’s Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board, said she did not receive complaints from business people anymore because they had “given up on getting any help”.

The claims are printed in a dossier of evidence from local businesses and residents which outlines issues faced as a result of prostitution in the area.

According to news website Stuff.co.nz, the dossier begins with a foreword by local Mayor Len Brown, who writes: “There is no doubt that the street sex trade is enjoying its unrestricted use of public space and is possibly the only industry in New Zealand to enjoy such status.”

He says: “Other industries must comply with licences or special authority of some kind. The street sector of prostitution faces no such constraints.”

The accusations include a transvestite ramming a supermarket trolley into a woman’s car at 8am, before lying across the bonnet of the vehicle.

A shop owner said between 20 and 30 prostitutes worked outside his shop some nights. Some of them shoplifted from his store, begged his customers for money and defecated behind his shop.

Residents hope the information they have gathered will put pressure on the government to allow Auckland Council to outlaw sex workers from certain areas.

The Prostitutes Collective told TVNZ banning prostitutes from popular streets will be counter-productive.

“They’ll be expected to pay a fine which they can’t pay. They’ll go to court, then they have to come back on to the streets and work to pay them off. It’s just going to clog up our justice system,” said Prostitute Collective Auckland spokeswoman Annah Pickering.

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