Review of Darren Roberts’ Book The Unsexpected Story

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from – Former CEO of the AVN Media Network Darren Roberts takes readers on a surprisingly serious trip behind the scenes of the adult industry with The Unsexpected Story.

When you think of sex you don’t necessarily think of Benjamin Franklin, however the legendary man who adorns the one hundred dollar bill also wrote a pamphlet entitled Advice to the Young Man, a sex guide on choosing a mistress and having recreational sex. Benjamin Franklin seemingly cornered the adult industry’s more mature genre when he wrote that young men should seek out older women, since ‘they are so grateful.’

It is with this little anecdote that Darren Roberts lays the ground work for the message that his book gets across from the very beginning, that the roots of the adult industry date further back then its modern emergence with 1950’s pin-ups and Playboy.

The Unsexpected Story is devoid of any tantalizing tale, or the smut that is duly or unduly associated with adult entertainment. However once the reader reaches the last page, they’ll understand that the adult industry has tapped into that entrepreneurial spirit that has made so many mainstream companies so successful.

The Unsexpected Story takes a uniquely deep look into the adult industry from the perspective of Darren Roberts, the former CEO and Co-Founder of the AVN Media Network. Today the AVN Media Network is not only the host of the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo as well as the GAYVN Awards, but it is also the publishing, digital media and event management company for several big name companies in adult entertainment community.

In the adult entertainment world the Unsexpected Story lays out the importance of knowing your audience, but even more so knowing and respecting your employees.

Darren Roberts doesn’t set out to defend the porn industry, there is no point after all these years most people have made up there minds about it, however the overall focus of the Unsexpected Story is that sex sells and the adult industry has found a way to sell it the best.

The Unsexpected Story goes through the history of adult entertainment from its early beginnings, its tumultuous times, and right up to its modern era. The reader along the way learns how the industry has had to adapt and change with the times, and how it survived what could have been an industry disaster, the horrible AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s, as well as legal challenges along the way.

The embodiment of the Unsexpected Story is the telling of the rise of Jessica Drake, one of the most popular ‘porn stars’ of today. Her story is a self admittedly cliche, a stripper putting herself through college and reluctant to cross over to adult films.

However the rest of her story breaks the mold of the stereotypical view of the adult film world. From trademarks to charity work in Africa, even writing and producing her own films.

With the Unsexpected Story readers will learn how the adult industry is using social media to stay connected and how it intends to grow in the future.

The 292 page book was published last November by Clearly Confused Inc. and is sure to keep the reader glued to the pages, even if they haven’t given the adult industry much thought before. The Unsexpected Story is available on Amazon as well as Nook.

On a personal note I be remissed if I didn’t mention how successful Darren Roberts work in The Unsexpected Story was in changing my view of the adult entertainment business, once I looked at the adult film world as simply legalized prostitution, however now its clear that the adult industry, like it or not is much more.

I can’t help but think that many business leaders would benefit much from applying some of the strategies adult companies have employed in marketing and branding, to there own companies.

All in all The Unsexpected Story is much worth your time in picking up a copy and reading it for yourself, what you find out not only about adult entertainment but also yourself may be unexpected.

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