Rob Black to Alec Helmy: You Have No Balls; Jenna Wants a Union

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Looks like Jenna Jameson is looking for a union to join. Or was looking for one.

Jameson just after the Derrick Burts HIV news hit was interviewed by

Jameson not only called the industry a ticking time bomb but said, “There’s going to have to be a union put in place and having safe sex is mandatory. That’s something that I was working toward.”

I suppose the fact that Jameson is on board with XBiz for their awards show means that Alec Helmy will declare that XBiz is withdrawing their support from Free Speech where condoms are a very ugly word. Which I could never figure, because Diane Duke used to be a condom saleswoman for Planned Parenthood.

“Jenna Jameson and XBiz are really clueless,” Rob Black said Thursday night.

“XBiz takes Jenna Jameson as their spokesman, as their girl. XBiz, you my friend have a host who is for a union and condoms. Okay. XBiz, where do you guys stand or are you condom-neutral too?

“As the voice of our business, since AVN is Manwin- when is Peter Warren and Steve Javors not going to have a job any more? Steve Javors, remember our conversation- and what you said to me, cunt.

“XBiz, you’re now the leaders of our business. The host of your show wants a union and she wants condoms. There ya go, XBiz. You got a union supporter talking about the industry being a ticking time bomb and that condoms should be mandatory.

“Dan Miller- the poor bastard is stuck toeing the company line- you don’t even know they [Xbiz] don’t have a focus or direction. Jenna Jameson was for Mitt Romney and Republicans are against organized labor. But maybe she was heavily under the influence of retardation and her children were taken from her.

“But we’re all glad to see she got her senses back and is pro union, pro condom and XBiz is pro Free Speech Coalition, pro no condom, pro we don’t care about safety. Awesome, XBiz.

“You and Jenna Jameson are a perfect match. XBiz was poised to be the takeover of AVN and be better than AVN. When Paul Fishbein lost the company, XBiz had a chance to step up, but it’s nothing and the same piece of shit. XBiz does nothing.

“What does that tell you the human being Alec Helmy is? He had a chance to put his balls on the line and what does he do? Nothing. Because he has no balls. Just like Wicked, a company that was born and raised to carry the condom banner. But Wicked sits on the sidelines listening to Manwin who tells them we pay you, shut your fucking mouth.

“Our business is exactly what it is- made up of liars, thieves, wanna be gangsters and tough guys. And they all want to be pirates, renegades and drink beer. Yeah you’re dodging the law – to give someone a disease. You guys are real tough guys, a fucking joke. Alec Helmy, Dan Miller are nothing more than puppets playing a game out to destroy your health and your lives. They’re laughing their asses off with all the money they made at your expense.”

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