Rob Black to Peter Warren and Steve Javors: Will You Go to Your Real Boss Raul Christian and Do That Story?

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Rob Black alluded to his Sunday afternoon power meeting in the dining room in Wendys.

“We were talking amongst ourselves with a third and fourth person,” Black said.

“I said call it a coincidence, but the company [Blog Talk Radio] was never hit or attacked until I got on the radio.

“Then my show right in the middle of it, Blog Talk Radio gets hit with a virus that takes down the whole network. Then the next day, 30 minutes into my show, is it a coincidence that it goes down again? Is it a conspiracy? It’s kind of weird.”

“It goes to show we’re a driving force in the porn world,” Black continued. “People are hearing what I have to say and are responding to it. It’s a fucking movement, a black army.”

Black acknowledged his interview with The Daily Beast which appeared Sunday morning.

“It’s my type of shit- it’s left leaning,” said Black of The Daily Beast.

“Here’s my only thing- they used a picture from Wikipedia,” Black continued.

“[Richard] Abowitz, you couldn’t due a little due diligence and come up with a new picture? I bet if my name was John Stagliano I’d have a beautiful picture up there.”

Black proceeded to read from the article titled Rob Black, Porn’s Dirty Whistlebower, Spills Trade Secrets.

Black was wondering if Abowitz will do a follow up and “worship his [Blacks’] every move” like he does others in the business.

“Abowitz actually scooped XBiz and AVN- AVN and XBiz- if somebody in our industry farts to the mainstream press, if some loser C-grade talent gets some fucking bit part in a home made movie, that fucking thing is a headline on AVN. Peter Warren don’t cover that [Black’s Daily Beast piece]. XBiz don’t cover that. Richard Abowitz was Stagliano’s cheerleader during his court case and he does a piece on me.”

Black urged Peter Warren to ask Raul Christian [pictured], one of the AVN owners, if he should do a story. Peter Warren, you scary journalist, can you call your real boss Raoul and ask, can I do an article about Rob Black being in The Daily Beast since Abowitz who covers real shit did the article?

Warren, Javers, can you both walk into Raul’s office and ask him if you can do an article on Rob Black? Abowitz is a real journalist. He’s not a porn writer.”

Black said he busts Abowitz’s balls, but thinks Abowitz is fair and cool to him.

Black also said Warren and others at AVN got a reprieve because Black’s in the process of moving. Black vowed to camp outside of AVN Monday afternoon, but Black’s agent, Morty, got him a rental car and “He got us an office where we’re going to be broadcasting from. I’m not going to give all the secrets but we’re supposed to move in tonight.”

Once Black makes the move, the show will expand to three hours, daily, 12 to 3PM.

Tentatively, Black plans to broadcast from outside the parking lot of AVN on Friday.

“Maybe we’ll do a tailgate party like a football game. You know it’s going to happen because I don’t fuck around. The show will start at noon but we’ll probably start the tailgating at 11:30. We’ll be asking Peter Warren and Steve Javors why they’re not doing a Stagliano story.

“Peter, you did a bit about AB 332 and actually did an op-ed. You took the time to do an op-ed where you somehow tied it all together with the gun bill that got defeated by scumbag Republicans.”

“Warren, you retard, you took the time to write an article about the gun lobby and AB 332 and bullet proof vests but you don’t want to talk about the Stagliano thing that Rob and others are talking about. Let’s write an op-ed that sounds stupid. I get it. You write for AVN and write porn reviews. Black said Warren’s arguments don’t hold “mustard.”

Black should have addressed his argument that Warren’s op-ed piece merely supports the secondary effects argument that strip club opponents wage against that industry.

“I guess that works for readers of AVN that are fucking stupid.” Black mentioned the gun violence in the porn world from Israel Gonzalez to Steve Driver.

“Are you that fucking stupid? But I don’t want to beat you up. You answer to Raul Christian. That explains everything now.

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