Rob Black: We Need a New Free Speech Coalition And Only The Talent Can Change It

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Calling The Free Speech Coalition a group of right wing Republicans, Rob Black Thursday afternoon said the industry needs a new organization.

“I’m speaking to the workers,” said Black on his Thursday afternoon show.

“I’m not speaking to Steve Hirsch. He’s a piece of shit. I’m not speaking to Axel Braun. He buys a Bentley and a Rolls Royce. I’m talking to Bryn Pryor who I remember when I piled five people in my car that eventually got repo’ed. He had a plastic bag over his back window because he didn’t have any money to afford to buy a window to put on the back of his car. But Axel had a trailer.

“I go, Bryn, you helmed Star Wars. There you are with no back window. He’s got to go to Kick Starter to have people donate money so he can live out his goddamn dream. That’s the person I’m talking to.

“I’m talking to my sound girl Kelly who’s been waiting for money I owe her for four months for a movie that’s not even done. It’s been shelved because I’m involved in a lawsuit with a company that has strategically made us homeless.

“While this cocksucker sits in Miami Beach and parties. While this cocksucker fools all the fans and puts Tom Byron’s name on product and tells everyone it’s Tommy and then tells everybody it’s this and that. It’s not. I’m talking to my sound girl who I owe money to. Not you Steve Hirsch, you sonofabitch.

“Not you Manwin who’s got terrorist organizations all over the United States. You tax evade and you money launder; and there’s people that are owed money and go, Rob, you’re a piece of shit. I go, dude, I don’t have electricity in my house. I don’t even have a job. But a name of a company that bears me and Tom Byron’s name continues. How’s that? I’m not talking about a Shane’s World. I’m talking where you lie and deceive people.

Black said he was also addressing Larry Flynt’s wife- “a Latin American, a woman who knows a little about slave wages; I know she’s living a good life now, but I know Mrs. Flynt when you look in the mirror you can think back of your ancestors and relatives.

“I’m talking about people out there who are slugging around. I’m talking about people like Madelyn Monroe who don’t have enough money to get an apartment but she’s one of ‘the kids’ as Bill Margold would say. Give her a teddy bear.

“Here’s where we are. I am a Democratic through and through. So what, I’m like Bill Clinton, I like a little blowjob here and there. So what, I’m a little crazy. Bill Maher, a little crazy, smokes weed. Al Franken, a little crazy. Jesse Ventura even though he was an independent and ran as a Libertarian, more of Jesse Ventura’s views are in line with the Democrats. I’m a Democrat.”

Black said his purpose for now is to go after companies that do “really stupid shit.”

“If you’re John Stagliano and you are HIV positive and you do no tell a female performer that you are HIV positive and you perform with her anyway shape or form, that is fucking wrong. It’s not me attacking people with HIV. I’m just saying, what the fuck?

“Why do you think the government’s coming at us? While I sit there and watch a movie with Kelly Divine in Stretch Class, John Stagliano takes her bare foot and shoves it in his mouth. No dental dam. No condom on a sock. That is unsafe. Kelly Divine’s foot has a toenail that cuts the inside of John’s mouth where his blood transfers into her foot that just got wounded because the side of it just got scraped on a I saying stuff that is inflammatory?

And Black said he’d condemn anyone who would attack porn stars and put their real names on line.

“I’m going to attack those people that attack porn stars and talk about their moms, talk about their grandparents. I’m not with those people. Those people are never a part of me because they never liked me, either. You think those motherfucking people liked me? Not a fucking chance. But now some people are listening to me and now they’re actually saying Rob Black makes a little bit of sense.

“I’m not part of people who bash people for the sake of bashing people. You know what those people are? They’re the Tea Party. I’m a Democrat. The Free Speech Coalition- Steve Hirsch and them- are fucking right wing conservative Republicans.

“I’m telling people in this business who create our business from talent to the camera guys, you have the power to stop all of this. Free Speech Coalition is never going to change because there’s nobody who controls them. We need to start a new Free Speech Coaslition. We need to get organized and put everybody together and say let’s set up our own rules, guidelines and structure.”

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