Rob Black: Why Is Anyone Associated with YouPorn Radio and Manwin Being Given a Pass?

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Alana Evans’[pictured] name appears on the undersigned of a letter sent out this week in an attempt to form an adult performers coalition for choice.

My guess is that Rob Black’s final words Wednesday were somewhat addressed to Evans when he said that performers who work for Manwin’s YouPorn Radio station have no business complaining about issues like piracy and condoms.

On his show Black talked about how Manwin controls YouPorn Radio which features the likes of Christy Canyon, Ginger Lynn, Evans and Lisa Anne on Sirius XM 103.

“We all know now that YouPorn is a tube site and Manwin site,” said Black.

“It is official now that on Sirius XM in their program dial and everything about them is YouPorn- their letterhead when they book guests and any legal mumbo-jumbo that goes from them says YouPorn; You Porn is Manwin. Go to their subscription, everything is YouPorn.

Black pointed out that everybody in the business screams piracy, piracy, piracy.

“Piracy is Manwin, it’s YouPorn,” said Black. “That’s a fact. We all know that. We have all established that it’s Manwin, YouPorn destroying the Internet. So can you ask me why anyone associated with YouPorn and Manwin are given a pass? Why am I listening to a radio station that has Christy ‘Big Mouth’ Canyon and Ginger Lynn who have their show.

“They are supposed to be representing our business and they work for a company that’s destroying our business. When you go on any YouPorn show or on any Sex Radio broadcast; when you go on Alana Evans’ show.

“When you go on any of those broadcasts you are representing people that are promoting the destruction of our business. Why is Lisa Anne given a pass? Lisa Anne has a show on YouPorn.”

Black said on his Thursday’s show that he’d be going through the roster of the YouPorn radio station.

“We are going to examine every single person that has a show that’s associated with Manwin. Here’s what they’ll say. ‘It’s all about money, baby. They’re paying us’ You’re right. I get it. You’re getting the paycheck, I understand. Don’t support our business. Don’t pretend you support our business.”

Black said if these performers want to take the money, that’s fine, “But don’t sit there and say you support piracy. Anything. I didn’t know Lisa Anne still had a show on YouPorn. You realize that. Everybody that has a show on that radio station is owned and bought by Manwin.

“You are on a station that represents piracy. You represent what you say is wrong and is destroying the business for a paycheck. I get it. So don’t complain about the business. Condoms? You’re complaining about condoms? You fucking people are complaining about condoms? Really? Why is that because you know damn well it’s something the propaganda ministers told you to go out there and say.

“I wish there was an alternative, man, because you motherfuckers would all be lynched. All you motherfuckers who collect your paychecks from Manwin and in the same voice talk about piracy, all the things you talk about the business and you collect a paycheck from Manwin?

“What does that make you? And my feeling is don’t get involved politically with anything.

“I better not ever hear the word piracy come out the lips of anyone who works on a YouPorn, Manwin entity. If I ever hear you mention the words piracy, tubesites, you understand Lisa Anne, you work and collect a paycheck from a Tube site.

“The business is shit because the people you work for destroyed it. You are part of destroying the business. When you sit there and collect a paycheck like you people are doing and you complain about piracy, and tube sites, you people are the biggest pieces of human garbage.”

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