Ron Jeremy: My Rum’s No Gimmick

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from – Cynics might treat Ron Jeremy’s new rum as a novelty, but the quality of the liquid speaks for itself, the former adult entertainer has told TheShout exclusively.

In Australia recently, Jeremy told TheShout that he had no interest in putting his name to a substandard product.

“We know that they might buy the first bottle because of the novelty of it: ‘Oh it’s Ron Jeremy, let’s have some fun and have it on the shelf’,” he said.

“It doesn’t mean they’re going to want to buy it the second time, you’ve got to be damn good to get them to buy it again and again and again.”

Crafted by Cuban master distiller Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez, Jeremy said the rum has had positive reviews across the board.

“In fact I’d almost like to call out a dare for anyone to find one bad review about this rum.”

“That skull, Dan Aykroyd’s drink – they buy it for the skull – after that, you’re done,” Jeremy added, referring to the Crystal Head Vodka recently released by the Ghostbusters actor.

Challenger Beverages director Scott Garnett told TheShout that it’s not hard to convince the doubters of the rum’s quality.

“It’s a pretty easy sell. You put a glass down, you pour the rum and say ‘try it’,” he said.

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