Sean’s Random Thoughts for the Week of August 12, 2013 – No Lack of Idiocy to Write About this Week

Sean writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

* The big story this week was Hep C and last week, if you recall, was syphilis. I’m starting to see a pattern.

These threats to the industry along with the back and forth banter and consternation brings once again to the forefront talent safety. Sure, that’s obvious, but I always like to look at the big picture.

Have you noticed that the people speaking the loudest are the ones least affected by these health issues? The agents, Diane Duke and hillbilly bloggers who claim to have some God given right to set industry policy are not the individuals directly at risk.

I would love to ask one question to these self-appointed overlords when they claim testing is the best policy – Would you, or would you allow your child or spouse to, have unprotected sex with a porn star working on an STD test that is 25 days old? How about a 10 day old test? If they say yes, you know they’re lying.

Talent, the life-blood of this industry that perform with an STD bull’s-eye on their back, risk their health for let’s face it, very little compensation. They also face the burden of paying for the monthly STD testing AND they have the sole responsibility of paying for the treatment of these diseases.

Talent has been told that condoms would destroy the porn industry and companies would go out of business. We also continue to hear tired old men lament the lie that in order to shoot porn the talent would have to don haz-mat suits.

Talent must begin to understand that they are the sole individuals who have the power to set industry safety standards by setting their own personal standards. They should also realize that nobody is looking out for the talent’s well being. The current overloads are only looking out for themselves and their own survival.

* A federal court judge in California has ruled that a requirement that porn actors wear condoms during the production of adult films is constitutional. It would appear Diane Duke and the overlords along with and that former court reporter can’t hide behind the Constitution anymore. That corner they keep painting themselves into just got a little bit smaller.

* Patient files and financial records used during the business operations of AIM Medical Associates were “willfully destroyed,” a bankruptcy trustee says.

I don’t believe in coincidence.

* The industry is abuzz with the fact that Jim Lane will be directing a combination MOPE and A list spiker gang bang without Hep C testing in Orange County today.

Gene Ross writes that Lane decided to do this with guys right off the street along with industry guys like Jack Vegas, Jenner, and Jay Ashley. The shoot is for Devils Film.

And the overlords can’t understand why the industry isn’t taken seriously by anyone outside of Porn Valley. Really people, come on.

* Gee, what a surprise – reported that Farrah Abraham’s ex-BFF claims that Abraham has been working as a professional “sugar baby,” flying out to spend time with rich men – for a fee – that she meets through an a website.

* Brooklyn Lee is like a flea on an elephant’s ass…she’s irrelevant. You are just shooting spitballs at a battleship, sweetheart. Now scurry back into your hole before you really say something stupid.

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