Seka Kicks Off Her Sunday Night Show; Amber Lynn Suggests Avoiding Agents

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Seka kicked off her Sunday night show on XXX Porn Star Radio by having her husband Carl on to discuss life with Seka. They’ve been married eight years and it was noted that Carl had no affiliation with the industry other than the fact that he watches porn.

“I was a good Catholic boy, and I was going to be a priest,” he reflects.

Calling in, Amber Lynn asked what the first time in the sack with Seka was like. Carl said he was more hammered than nervous the first time.

“I know the next morning I couldn’t talk very well,” he said, noting that it was from eating pussy.

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Amber Lynn pressed him on the issue and Carl remembered his friends asking him why he was getting involved with her and what was he doing being with her.

“The funniest part was chasing her around the shows,” he says.

“I went from being a high level sales manager to a valet. I felt like I was chasing Elvis Presley around the fucking parking lot.”

Carl said he lived in Chicago and knew of Seka. She was working for a radio station and he was buying advertising. He’d get invited to VIP parties.

“I met her at a Tom Jones party. She’s a really nice woman. That was in 1992.” Then he didn’t see her for 10 years; when he next ran into her it was in Hollywood, Florida at a swimming pool.

Seka recalled seeing him across the pool.

“I want some of that,” she said.

“I saw his beautiful green eyes.” It was noted that both Seka and Amber Lynn are suckers for men with green eyes.

“I wanted to jump his bones,” Seka continued.

“I had to beg him to take me out the first time. He didn’t want to be bothered with a girl friend.”

“The last thing I needed was a female permanent companion,” Carl added.

Seka described him as Italian and a dark swarthy man.

“His eyes just projected across the pool, and I melted. I didn’t have to get into the pool to get damp.”

Asked what’s been his favorite sex position, Carl says doggie style is just fine with him.

“And he knows how to eat some pussy,” Seka added remembering a time they were humping in the living room and a baseball game was on.

“I like to watch sports and fuck at the same time,” she observed

Amber Lynn brought up the Deep Throat play that just ended a run in Los Angeles. She noted that in the play Chuck Traynor is portrayed as a violent, abusive man.

“I don’t remember him being that violent,” said Lynn. “I remember him as professional and all about business.”

“He had a gruff way of talking,” Seka recalled and one time Traynor was out of line with her.

“I said I’m not married to you, you motherfucker, so don’ talk to me that way.

“But he wasn’t abusive to me. He conducted himself with the utmost decorum. He was polite and totally about business.”

Lynn said she never saw anything to indicate that Traynor was physically violent.

Lynn went on with how women are often portrayed as being made and forced to work in films.

Co-host New York Joe brought up the subject of escorting and how more women in the business seem to be doing it. Lynn was asked for her views about the current spate of talent agents.

Lynn said she does her own bookings and that the times she worked with an agent didn’t work as well for her.

“I could have done a better job,” she says.

“You take out a lot of miscommunication when you take out the middle man. I always say to women, “Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing. Say no.”

“Fuck the agents,” added Joe. “If you can do things on your own, you’ll be a better person.”

Joe asked Seka what advice she’d give a new girl in the business.

“Save your money- have a Plan B; own your own material,” was Seka’s reply.

Asked how she managed to stay in the business as long as she did, Seka noted, “I wasn’t getting paid what I wanted to get paid so I stopped making movies. Then the AIDS epidemic came along and I said it’s not worth my life.”

Then she had an ongoing deal with Club Magazine that lasted for ten years and went on the road stripping.

“I’ve had my fingers in the pie so to speak for 35 years,” she reflects.

“You have to make your own pension, and own a 401K.”

The last porn movie she did was American Garter, but in the movie Careful He May Be Watching, Seka explained that she did a scene that was later inserted into the film.

“I gave my husband a blowjob. That’s the last scene I did on film. We set up a camera in the bedroom and we were being goofy.”

Seka notes that she worked with John Holmes more than any other male performer. She said all the stories about his size were true.

“It was like a freaking anaconda,” she said.

Someone was curious to know what the craziest question was that she’s been asked by a fan.

“One of the silliest was did that hurt; then I was in New Jersey for a convention. This guy came poking me in the shoulder. ‘You’re not Seka. She’s dead, you can’t be her. I saw that movie Prisoner of Paradise; she got blown up in that movie. You’re an imposter.’”

She admits that making the transition from being an active performer was an odd one.

“There’s a certain thing that’s not there any more; you say, ‘something’s missing, but I can’ put my finger on it.’”

“You build up comaraderies, but nobody thinks we have friends. There was me and Amber Lynn, and Ginger Lynn, Veronica Hart, Gloria Leonard and Nina Hartley, Vanessa Del Rio- I can pick up the phone any time and call one of them.”

She also mentioned that the release date on her book has been pushed back to September but can be pre-ordered at

New York Joe asked what made her get into the business. Seka said she had worked in adult bookstores.

“I would see the girls [in the loops] and thought they looked like crap and it was not a good representation of women; I hoped women would take more pride in the way they were represented. And I’ve always liked sex.”

Currently she’s working on her website and will be doing a Chiller Theater in New Jersey the end of October.

Seka’s recollections of her first loop which was shot in Baltimore is that it was in an “old, dingy dirty apartment. But I like Baltimore- they have great seafood there.”

On the subject of peep shows and the number of quarters it would take to get through a full length feature, Seka remembered paying for a car one time in rolls of quarters.

“Bring a wheelbarrow,” she told the salesman.

Male performer Marcus London called in. “He [London] does things right in the world of porn,” said New York Joe.

“There’s nothing sexier than an English accent,” Seka commented.

On the subject of accents, Seka mentioned that she born and raised in southwest Virginia.

“I went to Northwestern U and took elocution and drama for two years to get rid of my southern accent.” But she would regain it whenever she was around family members or alcohol.

Regarding her future line up of show, Seka said she’d like to have people from the sports world and the music industry on and that she wants to devote a feature to every day housewives.

London mdntioned he had a Mad Max script in the works and was trying to get more into mainstream projects, away from adult.

“I’m diversifying into producing and directing,” he said. London adds that he was involved in the recent Kardashian XXX project with Kiara Mia.

London was asked, ideally, who he’d like to work with. London said when it comes to sex performances you either have it or don’t.

“If you have to be taught, it’s not genuine.” A couple of the better performers he finds are Andy San Dimas and India Summers.

“You can say a line, but if your face doesn’t convey the line… I’d rather see a facial expression than actual words.”

London also admitted that most directors in the porn business “don’t act like proper directors.”

New York Joe thought the sex scenes in London’s XXX rendition of Spartacus were genuinely erotic.

“There’s erotic and then there’s hardcore.”

London says he prefers to emphasize mainstream erotica.

“That’s a new genre coming up.” London noted that the popularity of shows like Game of Thrones proves that “sex still sells if you do it right.”

London added that as good a movie Spartacus was, it was owned by him and didn’t get a push.

“I think it got smothered by other movies because it wasn’t put out by a big studio. I’ve moved on. It was my calling card that I can make a movie look good.”

London also noted that the industry has become “a game of friends.” He doesn’t like playing that game.

“But I’ll get somewhere on my own,” he says.

“It’s difficult to strike deals.”

A performer named JD Coxxx who’s trying to get back into the industry asked London the best way of going about getting a project sold.

“Shoot something on you own and put it on YouTube,” London suggested.

“Let people see it, and people will come to you. That’s what we did with a trailer for Spartacus. It’s about imagination and creativity. Otherwise, no one’s going to give you a chance. Time is money and people ask why are we giving you a shot. I do my own movies as I feel they should be done, not what a company wants.”

London was quick to acknowledge that current porn movies are far from sexual.

“I don’t want to see Smurfs fucking,” he said adding that he wasn’t crazy about parodies.

“I have no interest in stealing someone else’s idea and making a mockery.”

Herschel Savage also called in wishing Seka well.

“Families get dysfunctional over time. We were dysfunctional to begin with, that’s why we’re great,” he said of the porn tribe.

Savage felt that Seka was one of the hottest women in the history of the world.

“But you have the sweetest heart,” he added. Seka added that Savage was one of her favorite men to work with. Savage finished up a 12 week run on the Deep Throat Sex Scandal play in Los Angeles where he played director Gerard Damiano. Savage said he’s looking to put together a one-man show about his career.

“I’m looking for other ways to keep myself interested and happy. It ain’t easy, honey.”

“Herschel Savage was one of the sweetest, nicest and sexiest guys I ever worked with,” Seka reflects.

“Not only was she hot, is hot, but she’s funny- I always loved that about you,” Savage told her.

Savage recalled that he met Seka around the time she started in the business.

“We kind of got friendly before we worked together. She has no artifice. She’s a real person. As a kid from New York I appreciate that. And she’s an Aries. I love Aries women.”

“How beautiful can a woman be? It was excitement; I loved being with her.”

Savage was asked how many movies he thought he had done.

“When you do a scene, that’s a movie,” he answered. “Honestly, I don’t know how many movies. They say 1500, but who knows? I actually retired in 1987; I came back in 1997. Most men with a midlife crisis get a Corvette. I went back to porn.”

“Herschel Savage was one of the nicest human beings I’ve met in this business,” Seka added. “He’s a really nice man.”

“And as we know there’s a lot of scumbags out there,” New York Joe added.

Seka’s husband Carl notes that they’ve just engaged a PR firm and that there will be 3 month media tour to promote the book. Seka suspects that she’ll in Los Angeles later in the year as part of that PR blitz.

If early requests were any indication, co-host Alesia Pleasure suspected that the tally on viewers for Seka’s first program might come in around 350,000 listeners.


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