Shy Love Throwing Ben from Tiger Lily Under The Bus

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I never thought I’d live to say this, but Bill Margold is probably running the most honest bowling game in town. On Labor Day weekend Margold holds an event to benefit PAW.

As it stands, I’d sooner benefit a ghost organization than throw money at the LATATA group which is co-sponsoring a bowling event with Free Speech on July 28th.

In that respect, today could be the worst day of Diane Duke’s career, and more is to follow. First, after all the years in the legal system and a waste of the porn industry’s money, a judge ruled that 2257 was constitutional. We could see that coming. Secondly, Shy Love proved that the adult industry runs contrary to health protocol as Diane Duke would have you believe.

If you wanted LATATA Love to be the fall guy, Samantha Saint laid it all out magnificently in an AVN interview today. Samantha told us that it was Love, her agent, who set her up with a sex scene involving a civilian, Richard Nanula.

Except Richard Nanula isn’t an ordinary civilian. He was an executive and ran Miramax, and he liked hookers and paid well to be in their company. I guess Samantha Saint was mistaken for one when she was booked by Love last June to work with Nanula in a hotel room. Saint confirmed to AVN that it was Shy who arranged the love match.

Feeling the obvious heat, Love is now putting the onus on Trinity St. Clair claiming that the scene was booked with St. Clair and with Ben from Tiger Lily. Yeah, so.

“When the scene was booked, it was booked with Trinity and with Ben from Tiger Lily, so we were sure that it was a legitimate scene,” Love is saying. Except we now know the scene wasn’t legit.

Says Love: “I would have for sure told Samantha to walk off set, but I did not find out there had been any change until after the scene was shot.”

I want to know what pertinent details Love had that convinced her this was a legitimate scene. Doesn’t she inquire about the talent her client is going to work with? Sounds like she didn’t because she’s palming the blame off on others.

Next, I want to know what “change” there was Love’s talking about. Sounds like she’s alluding to a bait and switch – that she had been informed there’d be another male performer, but Ben and Trinity St. Clair pulled a fast one.

Richard Nanula had been booked for the scene all along. There was no change. Samantha Saint has told us that. So now it’s Samantha Saint’s word against Shy Love’s word.

Like I told you, this industry is going to start ratting one another out.

Mike South, the Manwinist, is calling this case closed. Au contraire, mon ami, il ouvre. In other words, it’s just begun.

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