Steve Hirsch “Protecting” Shaquille O’Neal?

from – TMZ’s TV show reported that Steven Hirsch — a Cleveland-native and Vivid owner — reportedly bought compromising media of Shaq that was allegedly being shopped around.

Hirsch claims just his love of Shaq and the Cleveland Cavs are what motivated him to purchase the media so it wouldn’t become public — but TMZ didn’t necessarily trust those motives as altruistic.

In the meantime, a random Google News search for Shaq’s name turns up mistress allegations and other such bad news that makes it understandable why Shaq is now calling Northeast Ohio good for him.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer quotes new Cleveland-Richfield area local Shaquille O’Neal as saying these parts of Ohio are good for him.

Living in Miami and Los Angeles brought a busy nightlife to Shaq — but not Cleveland.

“Now if there’s nothing to do, stay home,” the Cleveland Plain Dealer has Shaq saying, surmising, “So I get a lot of rest.”

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