Steven St. Croix Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About?

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Granted, this comes from the Dogpatch website, but this is coming from a reader who actually knows what he’s talking about. In fact it’s an excellent summation of all the points that have been delivered on AdultFYI [albeit the “lesser site”] in one form during the Measure B campaign.

An Industry Insider Writes:

“WHO ARE WE?” Serious Reality for Steven St. Croix

I read Steven St. Croix’s blog about Measure B. I am a studio owner, and Steven has worked for us many times. I have always held him in the highest regard as a performer however, when it comes to Measure B and politics, he doesn’t know what he is saying in the least bit.

Sure Steve Hirsch is pissed that he had to flip the bill and other studios didn’t step up. Let me tell you why myself and the majority of the other companies in porn valley decided to step back.

This was a poorly fought campaign. Why throw money into a sinking ship.

You guys didn’t know what you were doing from day one. You had pornstars
preaching into the cameras for all the public to see calling Michael Weinstein gay, an asshole, and people making ridiculous claims about the AHF. Granted they had their own hidden agenda that I won’t deny. You guys had no idea how to politic. James Lee rounded all you guys together and took your money, plain and simple.

Another reason why no one pitched in was the entire campaign was spearheaded by an organization with little to no respect in the industry. The FSC was bought by Fabian Thyllmann. Plain and simple.

Many of the owners in the business are prideful people. Manwin destroyed us. They destroyed our businesses. People lost their homes, their businesses, stores closed. How did they do it? They stole from us, in broad daylight.

They took all of our hard work and put it up on the their websites for free and used it to sell memberships. By the time any of us figured out what a DMCA notice was, they were already too rich and powerful for us to stop them and had taken over a huge percentage of the industry.

Forgive me for not throwing my hard earned money into an organization controlled by their mastermind and having him match it. Fuck that.

Steven, you wanna support the industry? Don’t work for brazzers, dont work for mofos, dont work for digital playground. Have some values.

While I hold Hirsch, Stagliano, Orenstein and Reuben in the highest regard (Stagliano and Orenstein are close friends of mine), this was a fight that was doomed from the day you started your “campaign”.

Maybe if I didn’t have to spend upwards of 10-15k a month policing youporn, redtube, spankwire, and the other tubes out there, I might of had money to contribute to this fund.

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