Tabitha Stevens Relates Details of Dog Crap Date

Tabitha Stevens was back on the Howard Stern show Wednesday morning to chat about the date she had with Jay- a guy who, quite literally, had to eat dog shit to qualify for a date with her. Jay said eating the dog crap was the worst thing he ever had to do; “banging” Tabitha was the best. Stern noted that, compared to Stevens’ tanned complexion, Jay was very white. Jay explained that he was Irish. “I don’t go out in the sun very much.”
According to Stern, Jay, after eating the dog crap, took Tabitha to the bathroom and let her watch him brush his teeth as proof that he cleaned his mouth. Asked if she could smell any lingering doody, Stevens said, no, but that she still refused to kiss him. Jay said he was bumming over the incident but pretended that it didn’t bother him. Noting that another suitor attempted to eat a McGriddle sandwich from the shitty ass crack of Jeff the drunk, Stevens said it was one of the most vile things she had ever witnessed. A third contestant eat a pube sandwich.

Stern suggested that it might have been blood in Jeff’s butt but Stevens said it was way too fresh. An Ah-nold impersonator who acted as one of the judges described it as the “twins” coming out to play. “I think he had gas and something came out,” Stevens explained. “Because it was not right.” Stevens claims to have made the L.A. Times Tuesday when it was believed that the real Ah-nold had been on the show- so good was the impersonator. Stern laughed that all of the L.A. papers had been duped into believing that it had been the real Arnold, and that it was inappropriate for him to have been on the show.

Stevens described as Jay being very nervous. “It was really, really cute,” she said. Asked how the dog crap tasted, Jay said pretty much as he would have imagined. “It was the worst tasting thing that I ever put in my mouth.” Asked if he could compare it to anything imaginable, like chopped liver, Jay said it pretty much tasted like shit. Jay said he was trying to chop it out to make it easier to swallow and found a stick in it. “It was all hairy.”

Jay and Stevens went to a hotel to do the deed with Stevens doing a mini strip tease out of bra and panties. Jay, who hasn’t been laid for a year and a half, wouldn’t allow the camera crew to shoot the actual sex. Stern said he heard that the camera crew hid in the bathroom while Jay did Stevens. “And they turned the faucet on, too, so we could have privacy.” Jay said the whole situation was weird at first because he didn’t know Stevens for very long. Jay said Stevens put him at ease. “She’s very professional.”

Other than no-kissing, Stern wanted to know if there had been other rules. “Everything else was open for business?” Stevens thought Jay was a pretty “good-looking kid.” Stevens said there was no problems whatsoever and that she reverted to her specialty- oral and gave him an extended blowjob. “He held back,” Stevens said. Stern was under the impression that Stevens couldn’t have been all that good if Jay could hold back, especially after an abstinence that long.

Stevens said she paced herself but the actual sex act lasted less than three minutes. “But we didn’t kiss.” Jay said he was pretty much paralyzed after he had shot his load. “I ate crap, so this was my moment.”


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