“Talent are not going to wear a condom unless they’re forced”

A reader sent me the following inquiry: “It seems to be industry protocol to stop shooting and notify performers when there are cases of hiv and syphilis but what happens when performers test positive for herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea and other stds how are other performers notified and there seems to be no moratorium on shooting?

I believe the reader’s question was answered in part by Rob Black on his Wednesday night show.

“Talent are not going to wear a condom unless they’re forced,” said Black.

“They look at disease as car accidents where you don’t die.

“But if you have HIV that’s akin to getting in a car accident where they scrape you off the highway, and your parents have to identify you. In our world we equate [minor car accidents] to having gonorrhea, hepatitis, take a shot and I’m good.

“Who thinks like that where your dick hurts when you take a piss? It feels like razor blades and you say I’ll take a shot and I’m good. Your own moratorium should be at least ten days to 15 days to take pills. But how many of you take the shot, and it’s I’m ready to fuck. You have thirsty motherfuckers shooting through moratoriums. You’re going to tell me these thirsty motherfuckers are going to wait ten days? Hell no.

“You guys are cool having gonorrhea and every single one of the women in this business have had gonorrhea or chlamydia at least once. You realize if there was a condom involved you would not have gotten it at all. Every girl in this business has had an STD and you say it’s the nature of this business. Ask Jessica Drake how many times she’s got STDs.

“Then ask Tessa Lane, or any of the bottom feeders of the talent and see when they’re doing their cream pie Mike John gang bangs. Open up any Jim Powers movie and tell me that girl’s never been dosed. Ask them how many times they’re had an STD then ask Jessica Drake. If every girl in the business has had an STD and any of those STDs could have been prevented.

“If you don’t use a rubber it’s a 100% chance of getting an STD,” Black added.

“If you don’t use a rubber you’re all going to get an STD. Holy Shit. If a condom only works half the time you’re at least protected half the time.

“How about starting now our condom debate is not about HIV because people are disconnected from it. Let’s talk about condoms protecting you from gonorrhea and chlamydia. So who out there likes it when you pee and it burns and you’re told by your agent to get a shot. Guess what? That would have been prevented by wearing a condom. Let’s put HIV on the back burner and talk about condoms preventing syphilis, hepatitis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia.


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