The Good, The Bad and The Putrid Part Two : Jerry Estrada Inducted Into AVN Hall of Fame

Now we’re gonna talk about Jerry.

On Thursday night we explained how AVN is giving out these Hall of Fame awards. The AVN Hall of Fame used to be something that was considered an honor.

We have speculated that this is the last year of the AVN awards. Paul Fishbein, the former owner of AVN, had to sell the magazine to pay debts. The AVN print magazine will discontinue publishing this year and the AVN website will be turned into a tube site. Mark my words.

Nobody wants to go to the AVN convention this year. They’ve announced a bunch of seminars and garbage to try to get people to show up.

AVN created a new category in the Hall of Fame awards, the Executive Branch. They inducted Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner.

We broke down the story of Adam Hasner and now we will break down the story of Jerry Estrada.

I’m gonna read what AVN reported as Jerry’s bio in announcing the inductees and then we’re gonna give you the real bio.

So here it goes:

“Known to most people in the adult industry as “Jerry Juicy,” Jerry E. (his preferred nom de porn) has been in porn for nearly 20 years, starting off as a salesman before opening his first distributorship, Juicy Entertainment, in the late ’90s, and his production arm, Exquisite Multimedia, not long thereafter, and even more recently, Exile Distribution, which he co-owns with veteran salesman Howard Levine. There would hardly be enough room to name all the lines and directors Juicy and Exile distribute, but with sure sellers like Rodney Moore, Peter North and Jordan Septo among the group, it’s no wonder Jerry’s a success. A longtime comic book fan, Jerry also created a line devoted to parodies of superheroes, Extreme Comixxx.”

Extreme Comixxx. Jerry E. created it. Yeah. OK.

“Distributors like Jerry have been around so long because they have not burnt bridges,” reflected Evil Angel General Manager Christian Mann. “Jerry’s one of the ones who’s created a hybrid of the Evil Angel model, where part of his success is [that] his directors who own their own content are incentivized to shoot for quality rather than just budget efficiency, and in so doing, he’s had some really good lines. On the sales side of it, Jerry is a highly affable genuine guy. To know Jerry is to like Jerry. He’s an honorable guy who doesn’t take himself or the business too seriously. We need more of that.”

So that’s Jerry’s AVN bio. A coupla funny observations before we get into Jerry. Why would they get Christian Mann to talk about Jerry? Jerry hates Evil Angel. Jerry had numerous fights with Evil Angel from Evil Angel taking Justin Slayer from Exquisite Multimedia to Francesca Le and Mark Wood. Everyone of their pieces were put out by Juicy Entertainment. Guess where Francesca Le and Mark Wood are? At Evil Angel. Everyone of their pieces that Jerry was making 30% off of are now at Evil Angel. Think Jerry liked that? Yet Christian Mann’s sitting there saying Jerry’s an awesome guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a fucking joke.

Now let me explain Jerry Estrada so everyone knows his history. Jerry started working for a guy name Paul at this company called Multimedia. It was an arm of Jim Powers and Powersville. They created 90’s porn. The company was, I believe, called Notorious. That was who Jerry worked for. He was a salesman.

Jerry was a kid who barely graduated high school. Because he grew up in the Valley, he got a job at a porn company to do warehouse work, sales and to fuck whores.

Jerry sat there and realized that even a lazy incompetent fuck like himself who wasn’t successful in anything else could actually make money at something that even an incompetent jerkoff like Paul at Notorious could do.

Jerry would get in his little piece of shit car and run around the Valley and buy product. He left Paul and started Juicy Distribution. He ran around the Valley and would beg and plead for people to give him a cheap price. He would pay in cash and say, “Can’t you give me a $10 price? I’m paying cash.” He would come by our office at Extreme and talk to our warehouse manager Francisco and I would tell Francisco to get that fat fuck out of my warehouse.

So he had a little one stop called Juicy Distribution, just like a hundred other loser jerkoffs had in the 90’s so they could say they were in the porn biz and fuck whores. Because when you’re a 500 pound smelly slob, where else are you gonna get pussy? Unless you pay for it. Or being in a business where that’s what it is.

As Jerry’s running around with his piece of shit distribution company, all of us real players are making movies.

I would go into video stores, into boutiques and retail outlets and look at packaging. I would look at different packaging and look to see how I could make packaging more prominent so that it would stand out on the shelves. I would look at packaging that shimmered and stood out.

So I took some of this packaging to Art Attack, who at the time made our VHS box art. Art Attack did boxes for Evil Angel, Anabolic, Extreme and a couple others. But we were their bread and butter.

We got together with Art Attack and with FB, who did our printing and created foil packaging. This was before DVD’s, these were the big VHS boxes. Now our boxes would be shiny and glittery and jump off the shelf.

Nobody at the time was doing anything like this. What we did as far as innovative packaging in the business nobody can dispute. We were the shit.

During this time, Jerry decided he wanted to get into production. But Jerry didn’t create his own company. He did not create Exquisite Multimedia. A man by the name of Bruce Seven, a legend in the business and his wife Bionca created Exquisite. Bruce was part of the original Evil Angel regime. Bruce Seven Productions ended up being sold to Frank Koretsky in a deal he got fucked on.

Exquisite was part of the reincarnation of Bruce Seven. So Exquisite Multimedia was created by Bruce and Bionca and Evil Angel sold it.

Bruce Seven died and when he dies everybody were like vultures and Bionca got besieged. Somehow she got hooked up with Jerry and Jerry ended up buying Exquisite and of course fucked Bionca on the deal.

Jerry kept the same packaging and tried to get the same price on the Exquisite product that was being paid when it was with Evil Angel. It didn’t work.

Around this time, the genre that was taking off was black and interracial product. Jerry figured he wasn’t getting anywhere trying to sell Exquisite as low rent Evil Angel, so he decided to convert it into a black company.

Then he went to Art Attack to see if they would make foil boxes just like Extreme Associates. He begged and pleaded with them to do it and they eventually did.

So Jerry Estrada bought a company that he tried to pass off as Evil Angel. That didn’t work. He then looked at West Coast Productions and TT Boy becoming successful in the black genre and copied that. Then he goes to Art Attack and copies the boxes that were selling.

It just goes to show that he had absolutely no creativity or original ideas of his own. All he ever did was steal other peoples’ visions.

So now Jerry had a company with a popular genre using packaging that was high end and actually started to make money, because all the other black product was shitty garbage like Video Team and Heatwave.

Then Jerry got Justin Slayer. Justin made movies for him. Then he got Diane DeVoe. Justin Slayer was lured away from Jerry by Evil Angel. Why? Because Jerry sucks and is a thieving scumbag.

So the era of the big dicked black guys was popular for a while, but eventually started to become stale and oversaturated. Then Jerry started putting out comps loaded with scenes that he bought from various people. He brought in Craig Daze from Darkside and they put out more comps.

So that was the evolution of Exquisite Multimedia.

When Dennis D. was with me, he brought Jerry into the fold at Extreme and we would hang out and talk business and at one point Jerry and I were on friendly terms. After a while, when Dennis left, I was looking for another salesman. I had heard that Danny Gorman was disgruntled at Sin City and brought him in for meetings to discuss him coming on board.

Here’s another example of Jerry Estrada being a two faced cocksucker without an original thought in his fat fucking head. When I was meeting with Gorman, I would talk to Jerry about him and what I was planning to do. Jerry ended up hiring Danny Gorman behind my back. I did all the legwork and was negotiating with Danny and Jerry swept in and basically stole him to sell for Juicy Entertainment.

So now Jerry has Danny Gorman and Juicy Entertainment. He has the idea to distribute people’s productions and take 30%. Like Evil Angel. Again, not an original idea in his fat skull. But he doesn’t get anybody worthwhile, he gets garbage like Santino Lee. The people that came in and out of there were hilarious, just fucking dregs.

The only ones who did anything half decent were Francesca Le and Mark Wood. They actually put out product through both Juicy and Exquisite. But of course, Jerry loses them to Evil Angel because he’s a cheating scumbag.

As I was preparing to go to prison and losing everything at Extreme because of legal bills and lost business, I started shooting content for Exquisite in place of Diane DeVoe. Of course, Jerry paid me less than Diane DeVoe, even though the movies I was shooting were far better. He brings in someone who’s better than the person that he was replacing, but pays them less. I had to accept it, because I was going to jail.

During this process, the black comps and that whole genre were going down in sales. The only things that were moving were parodies and features. I told Jerry that we should make some parodies. We discussed doing Rocky and some other things, but I went to prison, so it wasn’t able to come to fruition.

So I went to prison and when I got out, we talked again. Jerry said that the black comps just weren’t selling anymore and that I was gonna have to take even more of a pay cut for the authoring I was doing.

I said let’s do high end parodies. That’s the trend now. He said, “What should we do?” I said “It’s real simple. Axel’s doing the comic book shit. We can do the comic book shit.” And Jerry said, “Ooh! I love comic books.” He’s got comic book toys in his office. A grown man that plays with toys.

I told him we need to come out big and have a huge launch point. He doesn’t know what any of this means. I said. “Axel did Batman and Superman. We can’t do just another comic parody like Spiderman because it will look like we’re just copying him. We need to establish our own brand, our own identity. Let’s do Justice League. A big production that encompasses all the superheroes in one movie. I’ll write a story that has Aquaman and Flash and all these characters, we’ll do two parts and then we can branch out and do offshoots like Wonderwoman Interactive.” Jerry said, “Oh my God, that’s awesome!”

So I said, “That’s what we do. And we call it Extreme Comixxx.”

Do you people think that it was just a coincidence that the company was called Extreme Comixxx and the person directing the movies owned a company called Extreme Associates?

So we put out Justice League of Pornstar Heroes and sell about 12,000 pieces out the door at an average price of $20. We were able to charge more that anybody, because I told Jerry that we have to make it double disc and just load it up with extras.

So that started the Extreme Comixxx era and since I left, you haven’t seen Jerry make anything close to that caliber since. We also did Reservoir Doggs, where we did the Tarantino dialogue and replaced the men characters with women. It garnered a bunch of press and nominations and put Chanel Preston on the map as an actress. We did Iron Man, Supergirl, Captain America and Batgirl.

We also did a movie called Taxi Driver XXX. We did this one through Exile Distribution, a company Jerry started with Howard Levine as the frontman. Howard doesn’t own it, no matter what he tells you.

Taxi Driver put Tommy Pistol on the map, got him a Best Actor award at XBIZ and it also won Best Drama Parody at XRCO. It was funded by this jerkoff that Howard brought in named Carlos Cavero, who had a company called Pleasure Dynasty, which was a scam that brought in investors to pay for movies with promises of big returns on their investments, because Carlos was so entrenched in the adult movie business and had all of these “platforms” to make all this money. He was, in fact, a Cuban huckster douchebag. Kinda like Jerry Estrada.

Every movie that I put out under Jerry was awesome. If we were Vivid or Wicked they would’ve been that much better. Because we were still operating with that gonzo cheapo mentality. Jerry would always try to second guess costs and was just completely clueless about the moviemaking process.

I remember when we were doing Captain America. This just shows someone who has no regard for production or quality. We were shooting a stunt on an office set with green screen behind a sheet of plate glass. If you watch the movie, it’s the scene where a helicopter swoops in from outside and sprays the room with a machine gun and shatters the glass and Bruce Banner’s girlfriend gets caught in the crossfire and gets shot. We only had one shot to do it, because the glass cost about $1500. It’s a one take deal.

As we’re getting ready for this big moment, I hear laughing and yelling and what comes bounding through the door of the soundstage is fat fuck Jerry with three porn chicks who are high and loud, because they’ve been out partying with Jerry. They almost ruined a pivotal shot in Captain America. We had to stop production until we could get rid of the hookers that Jerry brought by so he could show off about how he was a bigshot movie producer. That’s how he felt about movies, that he could just bring hookers by and disrupt the whole process.

Another incident on the same movie a couple of nights before was when Jerry wanted to put Charley Chase in a scene because she was him and Adam Hasner’s little fuck toy. I told him I don’t wanna put your hookers in my movies because I’m trying to do something serious here and actually make a good film. But I relented because he was paying.

So what happens? We were shooting an all nighter at a soundstage downtown with a hospital set. As were winding down the scene, Charley informs us that she has to leave, because she was booked in another scene in the morning. I said, “Well, why the fuck are you in this scene? If I would’ve known this I wouldn’t have had you on a night shoot.” She goes, “Well Jerry said…” I looked at Jerry and he shrugs like, “I didn’t know.” So she leaves and doesn’t finish the scene. That’s Jerry Estrada.

So this is the type of shit we would go through. I’m not perfect, but when it comes to producing a product that I know will be huge and will sell, I take what I do very seriously. I’ll take advice or instruction from an Axel Braun or the late John Leslie, but I refuse to be second guessed by an incompetent fuck like Jerry Estrada who has never had an original thought in his fat fucking head.

I created Extreme Comixxx. I directed the movies under the name Sinister X. We did an awesome movie called Wonderwoman Interactive. We did Batgirl, which was incredible.

Exquisite Multimedia was a dying company putting out comps. The company that was now catapulting Jerry to success was Extreme Comixxx, to the point where AVN did an article on the superhero parody craze and Jerry positioned himself as the creator and brainchild behind Extreme Comixxx. Nowhere was I mentioned. Yet another example of Jerry Estrada taking credit for something he had nothing to do with.

The final fucking that I got from Jerry was when we left and started Rob Black Productions. Jerry, Adam Hasner and Howard Levine systematically sabotaged every single deal I had in place. Adam Hasner was pissed because Tom Byron left and he had Tom Byron Pictures without Tom Byron. They even tried to play it off for a year that Tommy was still with them. Howard Levine talked shit to people we were trying to do business with and said that we had fucked Jerry over, which was bullshit. When we left Jerry, it was amicable. But at the end of the day, Jerry, Adam and Howard did everything they could do to fuck up our business and bury us.

Despite what Christian Mann says, Jerry Estrada is not an “honorable guy.” He is a two-faced, lying, cheating scumbag who fucked over anyone who ever brought him any success. He is a complete and total piece of dogshit.

So that’s the story of Exquisite Multimedia, Extreme Comixxx and Jerry Estrada. The AVN Executive Branch Hall of Fame member. These are facts. AVN skates over the facts, trying to put lipstick on a pig. But you can’t put lipstick on this fucking pig. You can’t even put a lapband on it. This fat fuck got his stomach stapled and figured out a way to cheat so he could still be a glutton.

Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner will now go into the 2014 Executive Branch Hall of Fame and shit all over the legends of Ed Kail and Marty Turkel.

AVN, you should be fucking ashamed to mention Ed Kail and Marty Turkel in the same breath as Jerry Estrada and Adam Hasner. It is appalling and disgusting.

I just felt I had to set the record straight.

Shame on you AVN.

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