The Memorial Weekend Sobriety Checkpoint Special Continues; Seka: At 18 You Don’t Know Shit from Shinola

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The more I hear Seka on radio, the more I love her.

Seka was on Alesia Pleasure’s Internet show this past week to officially announce her own show. Seka takes to the airwaves this Sunday night for XXX Porn Star Radio, and if her appearance on Alesia’s show was any indication, her strong opinions will raise eyebrows and cause fur to fly.

“It’s nice to be such a part of a dynamic team,” she said. Amber Lynn was also a caller-in to the show.

Seka then explained how she got her name.

“I was living in Las Vegas, and I knew a girl who was a blackjack dealer. Her name was Seka. She was Croatian. And the first time I did a movie they said do you want to use your real name, what do you want to do. I was clueless. I used Seka. She was a platinum blonde as well, but she had blue eyes. I have brown eyes. It was a short four letter word and it worked for the biz.”

Asked if she was nervous her first time in front of the camera, Seka commented, “I got over that my first marriage.”

“The very first scene [an 8mm loop- titled “Teenage Desires”] I did was in Baltimore. It wasn’t a big production or anything. It was a loop.

“When I did Dracula Sucks I was very nervous because it was a cavalcade of stars- it was Serena, Annette Haven, John Leslie, John Holmes, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis..I was just hanging there on a hook like a piece of meat because they were all…arrrrgh….they could have had me with fava beans and a nice chianti.”

Lynn said she felt the same way when she made Ten Little Maidens.

“It’s not about you doing a scene; it’s about you being compared to all these other big acts in the industry,” Lynn added.

Making a comparison between porn of today and her era, Seka comments, “You can look at the performers of today and the performers from then and see the difference. We had blondes, brunettes, redheads, short, skinny, medium to the more rounded women; and the men were all quite different as well.

“Not everybody was that built with a six pack and muscles bulging everywhere. They looked like real men and real women. I think personally we had a lot more diversity in the stars of those days than we do now.”

“The style was everybody had hair down to their backs, the men and the women. It was the hippie days.”

Lynn asked Seka if performers wore platform shoes in the scenes she did.

“I never did because I thought they were bat shit ugly,” said Seka. “And I hated bell bottoms and the big lapels.”

If she had any advice to lend, Seka offered, “Get yourself a good education before you get into the adult entertainment business because once you do it, it never goes away. You’ll always be a porn star nobody what you do.

“That’s always going to be there and people will remember you no matter how much or how little you did in the business. It’ll pop up and bite you in the ass if you’re trying to do something that you’re trying to hide that from; save your money, invest your money wisely and don’t go crazy spending it all over the place. You can live a good life without having to splurge on every little thing.”

“Have a Plan B.”

Lynn said she’d like to see a time where the girls in the business no longer have to “hide beneath a cloak of shame.”

“I want to see this more widely, commercially accepted so that the women don’t have to hide being a porn star and they’re able to hold their heads high.”

Co-host New York Joe mentioned a girl who was on the show the week before.

“I asked her- how was the first six months of this business that you are in. Was it good for you? Did you have advice from any mentors? The first few words out of her mouth were, ‘I wish I had advice from people; I made mistakes but then I learned.’ It’s a sad thing to hear that.”

Pleasure explained that the woman they were talking about took every job that was offered and burned out quickly.

Lynn said she based her career on the principle of longevity: “Taking a few films, taking a few projects then stepping back to avoid being shot out.”

“People say, ‘When you left the industry…’ I never left the industry. I just wasn’t shooting during that period. I wanted to avoid being shot out. I see so many women coming into the industry; they’re huge stars today and they can’t shoot a movie that’s not a gangbang or a D.P. or an anal scene because they’ve done so much boy-girl nobody wants to see them doing that any more.”

Seka said she gets the same comments about when did you leave the business. “I never did.”

“I go, I’ve been dead like three times, you know. I was at a convention at Chiller Theater in New Jersey many years ago. Some guy comes up and he starts poking me in the shoulder with his finger, very expressively.

“I go excuse me? He goes, ‘You’re not her.’ What? I was totally taken back. He goes, ‘You’re not Seka- she’s dead.’ I went, oh really, when did she die? He goes, ‘She got blown up in that movie Prisoner of Paradise.’ I went oh my God. This guy thought I actually died in that movie.”

Pleasure, noting that Bill Margold would like to set an age standard at 21 for performing in the business, asked Seka what she thought.

Seka, who started in the business at the age of 23 said, “At 18 you don’t know shit from shinola.

“I would really encourage males or females to get a good education. I went to Northwestern University in Chicago. Have something to fall back on that you can do when you can’t be in front of the camera any more or you don’t want to be in front of the camera any more. You can find niches in every day life as well as this business.”

Lynn said the industry isn’t just about being in front of the camera.

“I did my first film in 1983. I did my last film six months ago. That’s a long, long time to be in front of the camera and people tell me every day, you look better now than when you walked into this industry.

“And that’s because I take it very seriously. When I shoot, I get ready for my shoots, I look awesome. I keep my body intact. People love it. People don’t mind that a woman gets older. They mind when a woman falls apart.

“That’s when you step away from the camera, is when you’re no longer able to get in front of the camera. The people that Seka was talking about want to see people of all diversities, shapes and sizes. It’s not just you’re a cut out, skinny, blonde, big boobed girl that’s appealing to men today. It’s a gorgeous, sexy woman.”

“It’s like having a really nice dinner,” Seka added.

“You eat with your eyes. You do the same thing with sex. It’s a visual medium. It doesn’t have to be dinner at the Ritz but you make someone think it’s dinner at the Ritz by the way you present yourself.”

Pleasure alluded to Miss Delaware [Melissa King] who did a sex tape.

“I think she denied it, whatever; and they ended up signing her to a movie. She was horrible and I think they got rid of it. I don’t think they ever released it because she was a very beautiful girl but she had no sex appeal when it came to having sex on film.

“You can be the most beautiful woman but if you don’t portray that or enjoy what you’re doing it’s definitely going to show. I don’t know how much they paid her, but it was a waste of money for them. It was worthless.”

New York Joe mentioned Seka’s book, Inside Seka. The release date is July 4th. It can be pre-ordered on her website,

“It’s about my life from birth to now,” Seka explained.

“It’s not your particular book about a porn star. I don’t describe every scene I’ve been in, who I’ve had sex with..if you want that watch the goddamn movie. Part of my life is being in the adult entertainment business.

“Everybody has many facets to them and their lives, and textures that are interwoven into their being. It kind of gives you an insight from where I came to what I did to where I am now. I think that people will find it interesting and a nice summer read.”

Seka was asked if a movie studio approached her and wanted to do a movie about her life, who would she want playing her. Seka answered, “Charlize Theron.”

“I like Sharon Stone, too but I really like Charlize.”

Pleasure said you never hear anything bad about Theron, that she’s never in the news in a negative sense.

Lynn added the fact that she heard a rumor about Theron. “I don’t know if it’s true, so it’s totally gossip. I heard a rumor that she was actually one of Heidi Fleiss’ girls before she became really famous. I think it was on a talk radio show. It doesn’t mean it’s true, but…”

Lynn didn’t have an answer who would play her in a movie.

“I would probably want someone in porn,” she said.

“I would like somebody like Jesse Jane to do it. So many of our girls now are crossing over. Sunny Leone I love. I’m such a fan of Sunny Leone’s. Sasha Grey crossed over. So many of our girls are doing what they said would never be done. They used to say if you do this you’ll never work again.”

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