The moment when Young Jerks realize Trump won over Hillary

These morons, The Young Turks, did a hit piece on Porn Wiki Leaks many years ago. Watch this video and enjoy their pain and suffering. 😀

Ninetailed Menace The liberals did this themselves. The young Turks are trash.
DBproductions one of the best nights of my life
shane murphy I despise TYT …bitches you lost…..BAhahahahahahah
Cheeky bastard! ! TYT is losing all credibility! Thousands of their subscribers leave them everyday. They are just as bad as the mainstream media and they support globalism.
Nada Rien People are SICK of that leftist bullshit propaganda, this is why they have chosen Trump over that corrupted piece of shit hilaria !!! Fuck leftist idiots !!!!
TheKooster3123 the young cucks
SonnyGTA THat chick in the pony tail…….. any woman that votes for Hillary is unhinged. Total retard.
Lockon Take that Young Turds you fucking bitches!

aMillie_513 This is fucking glorious


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