The Pervasiveness of Pornography…On Google?

I tried it, and the guy who wrote this must be smoking make joint.

from – I made an odd discovery yesterday. If you go to google images, take the screener off and type in any woman’s first name, you get — on the first page — pictures of naked women. And sometimes flat-out porn.

If you type in a man’s first name, meanwhile, you get famous men with the same name. Mick, for example, gives you pictures of Mick Jagger. Michael gives you Michael Jackson.

What is the message here for girls? That men do things and women take their clothes off?

This works for just about any female name you can think of, including names not in common use: Selma, Sadie, Myrna (the Myrnas, actually, are quite pretty), Ida . . . Actually Thelma gives you lots of stills from THELMA AND LOUISE. But that’s the only one.

Does anybody else find this disturbing?

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