The Samurai Takes Tasha Reign to Class, Old School Style

Tasha Reign wrote on article for OC Weekly about Measure B, and I’m really surprised the editors over there published it.

The Samurai explains: Tasha, articles like yours are why porn girls should be seen and not heard.

Do you have any clue how ridiculous you make yourself look with some of
your comments? Did you really say that UFC, NFL, stunt men, and racecar
drivers are ‘largely untouched by the electorate or government regulation?’

The sheer ignorance of such a statement cannot go unchallenged. Without
going into all of the numerous federal and state regulations for every
profession you mention, lets just look at one in particular that you
mention as being ‘untouched by the electorate or government regulation,
that is UFC, or mixed martial arts fighting.

Obviously Tasha is unaware of the regulations that every state puts on MMA fighting. In several states it is still illegal, how’s that for regulation Tasha? And in any state in which it is legal every fighter must pass a state sanctioned physical, including HIV and HEP C(not required by porn industry) before they are granted a license by the state to fight.

How’s that for regulation Tasha, you can’t be a UFC fighter unless you get a license from the state? And the safety regulations in all those other professions you mentioned are too long to list. A copy of this article is going to be sent to every California State Assembly Member who is on the committee that is handling Assemblyman Hall’s AB332, just to show them what they are dealing with.

This is why most porn girls should be seen and not heard.

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