The Tattoo Girl Debate Continues: AVN Covers Are Bought for $6K Says Rob Black

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Mike South resurrected the debate on tattoo girls, and if they’re as popular as everybody thinks.

Rob Black on his show, said if Katie Couric were to show up with a tattoo then maybe he’d hire a tattoo girl for a porn movie.

“This is just another piece of product that everyone puts out there,” says Black.

“Jordan Septo over at Jerry Estrada’s he was doing tattoo movies. But when someone like Peter Warren goes, ‘oh, I just met Bonnie Rotten, she likes me and wants to hang out with me. I’m going to put her on the cover and do a write up about her because we saw LA INK.’

“LA Ink- assholes, you do realize when you shows like that they are on channels that are low end cable. They’re not even on HBO. When you sit there and go LA Ink, they’re on a channel like Bravo. They’re on a channel you don’t even know is on, and they can’t get ratings on that- 300,000 to watch it? Are you serious? Glenn Beck gets quadruple that and he’s a fucking right wing nut.

“Are you fucking retarded? The day there’s a show on ABC about a tattoo parlor, they day that Ted Koppel, the day, that Katie Couric shows up with a tattoo on her face or neck that’s when I’m signing up for tattoo broads.

“To prove my point the movie Rambone that is put out by Jordan Septo which is put out by DreamZone which is Frank Koretsky and Adam Hasner- they bought the cover and it’s now on the cover of AVN. So every girl in the business or video store will look at it and go oh my God, tattooed chicks. Oh my God.

“I just explained it to you. Jordan Septo who is Rob from Venom which used to own Las Vegas Video who used to be married to Rebecca Wild- he’s always made these low end parodies, Keeping Up with the Kardashians- the goofy shit. So when I left he basically stepped in and said, ‘Jerry, I can do those.’

“So we would buy the covers for AVN. Those covers are bought. They cost- you never know the real facts- but they were costing six grand. And then Jerry would make Adam Hasner at IVD pay for half, to take the back cover.

“This month the cover that had Porn Fidelity that was bought. Jerry would go around, ‘Who wants to buy a cover?’ It would be six grand and his brother Alex would take it off your producer report. So when you were supposed to get your money at the end of the month they’d go, yeah we had to take that off because you put that ad out. Okay.”

“Wow. There’s what represents porn. Wow. yeah, girls, wow. Then AVN is controlled by Manwin and AVN’s entire publicity and PR system is controlled by Adella.”


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