shy love the cum dumpster

Man Shy Love’s agency can’t seem to keep anyone around. On July 4th Shy Love tweeted “U know I have an amazing staff when they show up to the office on 4th July to help me out.” Yeah Shy Love you have an amazing staff, they just don’t want anything to do with you.

They are just dropping like fucking flies.

First Marc Mojo tweeted this —


But that’s not all, her talent Marci May left her as well.




  1. Look at Shy Love now. The Whore is in a desperate plea to save face. Mike Mancinni ran off and stayed off the grid for three weeks running off to his home town of New York a better place than the sweat shop shit whole office where Shy maintains her rogue agency front for hookery antics masquerades. Good ole queer Mike Mancinni clearly avoided her like a plague till now “look at his twitter until just recently” never said a word/ peep/ tweet in weeks until this harlot whore Shy Love began blowing up his phone with intimidation to tweet something to save face. “Please Mike just to save face for me little man tweet a come back please”. Then fires off fake illusions, decoy tweets to give the impression she is actually booking scenes.. SHY WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT OK. Just stop the bull crap
    At the end of the day what have we learned ?
    1. Shy Love aka Sheelagh Liberboim is reading every word on and it hurts her real bad. So much so she will try to offer oral copulation to maggots or midgets and yes three gay man while intruding on their fuck fest dick party just for a lil help just to find her way out of this moment. Tweeting stupid shit where no one cares and everyone knows producers wants nothing to do with Shy Love or anyone connected to your rogue agency. Props to Marc for the abrupt bailing.

    Didnt Jules Jordan indicate to you to please get the fuck out of his sight with your drama connect from your talents with more drama connected right back to you while on go sees ? Just being the man of fiber and substance and power Jules is, He just did it in a nice way so your fucking kidneys didnt fail and leave Shy lifeless. Like a rose by any other name its still a rose. Get your skank ass outta here let the fucking door knob hit yah. Just Go

    Quit lying and telling people you can book them with producers who wants your guts spilled all over a floor and hepatitis infected organs contaminating the trash bins roaches and for other obvious reasons

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