Thoughts Over the Morning’s Coffee: Fabian’s Connection to Men.Com and a “Prison Bitch” Raises Some Interesting Questions

Fabian Thylmann’s connection to a gay site, which specializes in anal sex and cock massage, raises some interesting questions:

From exclusive performer and The Sword’s most searched-for gay porn star of 2012 Johnny Rapid has built a career around being a prison bitch who is repeatedly raped.

Last week, owner Fabian Thylmann was arrested in Belgium on charges that his conglomerate ( parent company Manwin) has been evading taxes in Germany. As Fabian Thylmann sits in a Brussels jail cell awaiting extradition to Germany, could he become a real-life Johnny Rapid?

So far, Thylmann’s arrest has not had an effect on any of his sites’ performances or day-to-day operations ( was shooting today in the UK with Dean Monroe). Of course, if he’s convicted and Manwin is in fact found guilty of tax evasion, that could all change very quickly. is just one small piece of Thylmann’s empire, Manwin, which is predominantly known for its dominance (some have called it a monopoly) in the straight porn and tube site world. With sites including Xtube, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Digital Playground, Playboy, and more, a potential Manwin shutdown would have unimaginable consequences on thousands of employees, performers, affiliates, and consumers.

So make no mistake, Fabian Thylmann’s arrest on tax evasion charges is a dramatic turning point that could forever change the entire porn industry.


I’ve heard all kinds of speculation this week about Thylmann. One story I’m told is that he’s connected to the Russian mob which is the [alleged] backer of the Manwin operations. Do with that what you will, but another interesting piece of the puzzle is the search for who registered

This is what turns up: Domain Name: MEN.COM
Registrar: MONIKER

Registrant [3603912]:
Harris Cramer LLP Escrow agent [email protected]
Harris Cramer LLP
3507 Kyoto Gardens Dr
Suite 320
Palm Beach Gardens

A further search of Harris Cramer reveals the fact that this is a law firm headed up by Michael D. Harris and Daryl B. Cramer. One of their specialties is legal website design for attorneys. Next question to be asked is how does Manwin fit in?

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