Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: John Stagliano Slithered His Way Back to Performing Says Rob Black

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Rob Black saved the last 40 minutes of his show Monday night for his favorite male pin up, John Stagliano.

Which is pretty much how the adult industry treats Stagliano- like a centerfold- judging by the fact that all the industry wants to do is gawk and stare, preserve the image and not get active in the debate about how Stagliano might be putting female performers at risk in his Stretch Class series.

Black’s been challenging AVN “to pick up the Stagliano mantra” and do a story about Stagliano’s alleged non-disclosures with female talent.

Stagliano is HIV positive, but not a lot of the current talent knows this. So far, no luck with the AVN story. Black figures, in exchange for a couple of ads each month, AVN’s content to look the other way.

In fact, Black had a text debate with a Stagliano supporter over the weekend [Black wasn’t naming names, but I know who it is].

Even the Stagliano constituent had to admit he couldn’t come up with a doctor to say that what Stagliano was doing could be considered safe.

“This guy actually talked to a doctor and what he told me was the doctor told him that it was low risk. A fucking doctor actually said low risk. So this supporter of Stagliano’s said isn’t all of porn low to no risk? No, if John Stagliano does not perform there’s no risk!!! What don’t you fucking people understand? I am dumbfounded.

“A motherfucking supporter of Stagliano’s couldn’t find a doctor to say no risk. So we have a performer and an owner, with a doctor saying he’s low risk. I don’t get it. My argument is that there’s risk regardless of how little. He’s got HIV. What are you, stupid?”

“A Stagliano supporter couldn’t find a doctor who would said no risk,” Black continually harped.

“This Stagliano supporter, if he was a homosexual, he would be performing sexual favors with John. That’s how much in love he is with John, but even he couldn’t find a doctor to say no risk. His argument is that John isn’t knowingly and purposely putting people at risk.

“This debate is not about John being a terrorist: ‘I’m going to infect woman.’ What John is doing, is sitting there playing with his little fucking dick going how close can I get to fucking these girls without fucking them, that I can get away with it because I’m so rich and powerful and can get agents like Mark Spiegler make every one of his girls work for me so he can get his 30%?”

Black compared the whole Stagliano situation to the first time you pick up a street hooker, driving by her five different times. “But you don’t do it. The next day you pick her up and only get a handjob because you’ve been told that street hookers got HIV, so I’ll just get a handjob.

“Now all of a sudden you’re engaging in activity with a prostie even to the point where you put a condom on and are engaging in high risk behavior. How do you think Stagliano’s mind is working?”

Black concedes that men are in love with their penis and hate rubbers.

“When you’re fucking it doesn’t feel good. Inherently we despise condoms because it doesn’t feel good. Isn’t that the performer debate- it doesn’t feel good”?

“John Stagliano now knows that for the rest of his natural born life he can never have sex with another woman again unless she’s HIV positive. From this point forward- think about a chained animal- for 16 years think about never having sex without a condom. My God my life is over I can never think about having sex again without a condom. Unless you find a woman who’s totally down for it.”

Going back into the Evil Angel archives, Black noted that Stagliano and his wife Karen who is also HIV positive did a movie together without rubbers.

“But this slippery, sneaky motherfucker figured out a way. It took him awhile to figure it out. I’ve singlehandedly created gonzo. I’ve singlehandely created ballet. I’ve singlehandedly created a Las Vegas revue show. And then I’ll get an obscenity charge- I’m a freedom fighter.

“Everybody loves me, and now I’m the darling of the world. I can do this, now. Nobody’s watching. Nobody cares. I have 24 lines at Evil Angel, and all my directors use LA Direct and Spiegler girls because only those girls will get completely annihilated. I’ll even make some of those girls directors.

“I’ll make sure I ingrain myself with talent in such a way. Kudos, John Stagliano, I take my scumbag hat off to you. You figured a way to slither your way in the business. You deceive girls.”

Black mentioned, though not by name, a director in the business who thinks what Stagliano’s doing is “fucked up.”

“I guess I’m perplexed at peoples’ attitude with the Stagliano thing,” said Black. The reason is that Stagliano gives everybody money, hence, the silence.

On top of the fact that Stagliano’s ego is so big and his tenure in the business is so big is that he thinks he’s entitled to a pass, said Black.

According to Black, the earlier Stretch Classes were tame by comparison. It’s only the later ones where Stagliano gets friskier on screen. Black calls this the “litmus test” for the dying porn industry.

An HIV performer gets different treatment as long as it’s someone at Stagliano’s level, contends Black.

“This is preposterous.”

Black said the industry has no defense for allowing Stagliano’s behavior.

Black also raised an interesting point whether Karen Stagliano could do a line where she gives guys handjobs or whether she could fuck them in the ass with a strap-on. Black also wondered how the industry would react if Brooke Ashley, who got HIV from Marc Wallice began doing a series.

“Stagliano, why don’t you give Brooke Ashley a line like yours- a Stretch Class for guys. You get guys who did gay scenes- those guys are willing to masturbate for a chick. Why doesn’t Karen start a Stretch Class line where she jacks guys off?

“If Stagliano won’t let her do it, get Brooke Ashley and use guys that are part of the class of HIV. The HIV class of ’98 or 2004- we will set up a movie that John Stagliano will distribute. If it’s alright for him to do a Stretch Class it’s alright for a woman HIV performer to do exactly what John does.

“Derek, If you can send Alexis Texas to John Stagliano, you can send Johnny Castle to Brooke Ashley.”

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