Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Out with The Old, In with The New Says Rob Black

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Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. Rob Black has a plan.

Using his two-hour Internet show Tuesday to lambaste the Free Speech Coalition as the do-nothing monarchy of porn, Black said it should have been a simple matter for Free Speech to have sat down with Cal/OSHA and the Weinstein group to hammer out a solution to the condoms conundrum.

Instead, porn behaved like a truculent child, stamped its feet and resorted to name-calling.

Painting porn protestors as “Tea Party nutjobs” [according to Black] Weinstein singlehandedly got Measure B passed by LA Voters last November.

Again, through Weinstein, AB 332, a statewide law mandating condoms in California stands to get passed in the state assembly.

Black seems to think AB 332 can be headed off at the pass. I disagree with him. But Black says the first rule of order is to clean house at Free Speech, get rid of “the royal family” – i.e., Duke and the entire board and start afresh. Black believes that if you can put key politicians together with key people from the industry, the “old guard” as he likes to put it, this can be achieved.

Instead of behaving like a one-man Parliament, Black believes Jeffrey Douglas would be put to better use as the house counsel for the new organization. Perhaps Black was being cynical.

“You got a DUI? Jeffrey will be your lawyer,” Black mused. “He’s going to help all the performers like he’s supposed to.”

Primarily, Black wants Jessica Drake [pictured] to be the face of the new order of business.

“Get people in there that look good and can do some fund raising,” Black suggests,

“People want to meet Jessica Drake. People want to meet the stars. Porn stars are not politicians. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Let them do what they do best. Put Jessica Drake out there and let her talk. Then let’s have a kick ass organization.”

It sounds like one of Black’s first orders of business would be to rid the industry of its pimps and slave traders. Black’s words. According to Black, Derek Hay isn’t a US citizen and should be deported. Black predicted that once Hay is out of the picture, the pimp system would fold.

The industry, too, has been known to exaggerate its numbers and influence in Los Angeles, but Black feels that with reorganization it’s not inconceivable to generate new growth, prosperity and gain a seat at the Hollywood table.

“If we want to be big boys and girls we need to do this,” says Black.
Black said it’s not inconceivable that the porn industry could boast 25,000 jobs and between $10 billion to $14 billion in revenue, but it’s not going to do it with the Duke regime.

“We’re going to be responsible and be a fine member of the community. Sorry to sound so regulatory, but if you want to be legitimate, let’s get some rules in place, some safety protocols.

“The city’s not stupid. They’ll wheel and deal when there’s something attached. A license, a renewal, regulation. How do you you make concessions? Just like Vegas.

“But we need someone in the local government to step up and say there’s a smarter way to do this, a way to achieve what the Weinsteins want, what the adult business wants. There is a way. This isn’t rocket scientist shit.”

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