Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Rob Black to Mike South: You’re So Corrupted You’re Blinded By Your Own Bullshit

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My, my, aren’t we touchy?

For reasons known only to him, Rob Black between his afternoon and late night show, devoted over four hours to going bareback on Mike South.

The gist of what Black said was that South, of late, is running patronizing articles about porn agents and Steve Hirsch. Black was curious why mister straight down the middle would be showing such favoritism.

Never once, though, did Black accuse South of being a racist. Never once did Black say that South was accepting advertising that would compromise his stance on industry issues.

Curiously, though, South responded defensively to the flurry of attack by playing the race card. So much so, that Black made the comparison to the scene in Goodfellas where Joe Pesce warns Ray Liotta that he may fold under questioning.

Black was spectacularly amused that South would go the “some of my best friends are Negroes” route bringing up the fact that he had dated Midori and lived with another girl named Onyx. Watching Black was also like watching an over sized cat toying with an undersized mouse. South also in his defense claims, yeah, he’s attacked Derek Hay on different occasions.

“Let’s stroll through the archives about Mike South and see when he said something about LA Direct,” challenged Black. “Fact checkers?”

“I’m talking about where he goes after Derek Hay the same way he goes after Jules Jordan. Mike South seems to be very sensitive about that,” added Black.

“But this is where he gets personal- that ‘I love blacks’. Mike South got one token Black so he could get rid of the southern guilt. ‘Look what I did for Midori.’

[South in his readers response section to the article states: “Midori was a doll, I havent heard from her in a while but we remained friends for years I still think of her as a friend and its retarded to imply I dont like black people…the biggest war I fought in porn was putting her on a box cover…I won and she got the cover.”]

“’That was my token black,’ South is saying.”

“Here’s the funny thing,” adds Black.

“Nobody said anything about racism. Mike South, you jumped on it because you have your own guilt inside. Nobody said anything, so you ratted yourself out. Holy shit, Mike South. Did we learn something about you!!!??

“I’m going to call you Daniel Carver [pictured] from now on. Mike, nobody said you were a racist. I made a joke about you being from the south. I always make jokes about you being from the south with backwoods hillbilly references but I never mention where you’re from [Georgia, specifically.].

“That’s the joke. Then, Mike South, I started the whole bit, I said Mike South, you don’t like these three people [Hirsch, Spiegler and Hay.].

“I said you don’t like Mark Spiegler. Last I checked he isn’t black. He’s a troll. I said you don’t like Steve Hirsch and last I checked he don’t look black. I said you don’t like these three guys but you like taking their money. That’s all I said.

“I then said the devil went down to Georgia and I started singing the sing.

“I said this is a guy from the south that loves guns and did the bit about a bunch of Deliverance banjo playing retards and Paula Deen dressing her employees like Aunt Jemima. That’s the south. I’m joking about the south. Then you went on about how you’re not racist. We joked about the south. The world jokes about the south. The south is a joke and the home of bible thumpers.

“I never said Mike South was a racist or anything like that. I’m trying to figure out where I said you’re a racist and that you hate black people. You can turn on the TV and everybody makes jokes about the south.

“And, Mike South, I didn’t get the memo that you dated Midori. You are like a girl telling everyone that she’s not racist. And who the fuck is Onyx? Mike South is like, hey, everybody ‘seems that memories are short’. Nobody gives a fuck, but, fuck, you brought it up. Are you fucking insane?

“’I date Midori, man, and I lived with a black chick. And guess what, assholes, she was not only black but was Hispanic. See, fuck you. Not only did I have my one token, after Midori and after I was done with a little southern chicken, just to dispel the rumors I’m a racist I also dated a girl who was a spick. Hahahaha.’

“Mike, nobody said Mike South was a racist,” Black continued to harp.

“I said you hate Derek Hay and Spiegler and somewhere it turned to George Zimmerman. I’m baffled by that. Nobody said you hate races. Okay, fisherman, I’m sorry. All those things lead me to making a parody-joke. Me saying you hate Spiegler, how do you turn this into me saying you’re racist? This is fucking hilarious. Oh my God. So Midori is dating you and taking your cock and the end of the day her payoff is getting a boxcover? You fought to keep your girlfriend on a boxcover?

“’The biggest war I fought in porn was putting her on a boxcover; I won and she got the boxcover.’

“Wow, this was your biggest win in porn? Mike won and got her a cover. If you working for a company, and you didn’t have the say who was on the boxcover that means you amounted to garbage.

“What does that say about you that you can’t even get your girlfriend – forget she’s black- on the cover of a movie you directed and this is a badge of honor like you freed the slaves?

“Are you out of your mind? If this doesn’t shine a huge light on ol’ Abraham Lincoln Mike South. Holy shit. Oh man. Wow. That’s the most amazing shit. That’s a dude that’s got some serious inside shit going on.

“If you have to talk about those things you did for black people, are you insane? Who does that? Man, you need some serious help. By the way, I hear Joy King hasn’t been at Wicked for a year- I’m hearing that through the rumor mill, and you’re freaking out about Joy.

“And I never ever said you wrote nothing bad about Steve Hirsch. It seems you’re so corrupted you’re blinded by your own bullshit. If you would listen to my show, I don’t lie. What I said was you do not take ads from these people. That’s what I said. We say you appear to take the middle ground, but you handpick what you want to talk about and how you say something.

“You completely lied about the Richard Nanula story, that you broke it. You lied about that and the way you wrote it was a lie. What I said was very simple- you distort and everybody looks at you as the guy on their side; but if you look back you were always on the side of big business. You only attacked the people where you would get a pat on the back.”

Black suspects that South probably gets his view of the business from a friendship he shares with Felicia Fox.

“Felicia Fox was a good little party pig – she blew me,” Black recollected.

“Later, I found out from Byron that she was a Mike South girl and Mike South would probably write about it.” Black also remembered when he went to prison, how South went ‘ding dong the witch is dead.’

“You don’t need banners to get paid, Mike South. There’s a thing called PayPal. So you’re going to tell me it’s unheard of for someone to say Mike, on PayPal is $500, and I need you to say X,Y&Z. You’re so paranoid, and before the interrogation light got on, you you spilled the beans.

“All this came out because the last two months all you’re writing about is an Indian sex tape and a teen mom sex tape. I talked about how you systematically made this tape something people buzzed about. You’re doing Hirsch’s work about someone nobody ever heard about, and Mike South is talking about it like it’s the second coming of Paris Hilton. You guys don’t even know what you’re talking about you fucking idiots.

“Farrah Abraham did not get $1 million cash from Vivid. She didn’t get $500,000 cash from Vivid. Do you think Howard Levine doesn’t talk about this, that it’s bullshit about what Hirsch gives these girls.

“You write about porn and think you’re in the business all you fucking keyboard losers who write on Mike South. You got this whore who runs around showing a royalty check for $100,000. Why didn’t she run around with a million dollar check and show it?

“You’re fucking stupid. ‘Let me show you my royalty check.’ Where’s the million dollar check? Farrah Abraham and Vivid and Mike South say she got a half a million. And he’ll tell you that he doesn’t get a back door payment or gifts from anybody inside the Vivid Entertainment building?

“Fucking bullshit!!!! And you people who read anything that Mike South will tell you, when common sense flies in your face. Fucking lies.

“You fucking are a shill for Vivid and don’t tell me about ads. If you had any brains, why would you put an ad up and give a speculation of badness? Of course you can’t have shitty banners on your site.

“Truth seeker, Mike South, you’re true shit. You pick and choose who you want to fuck with depending who gives you favors or who gives you money. You’re spending an awful amount of time talking about a celebrity sex tape who nobody ever heard of.

“But Mike South goes off on these tirades of racism, his typical bullshit.”

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