Thoughts Over The Morning’s Second Cup Of Coffee: Think Evil Angel Shoots are Safe? Ask Kelly Wells

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Too bad Kelly Wells didn’t have Bobby Starr for an attorney. Wells was a Las Vegas escort/porn star who worked in the business and Starr is Katie Summers’ attorney in a lawsuit against John Stagliano.

Karen Stagliano has already opened her big yap and made a mockery of the case but few people remember the incident where Kelly Wells, working on a Belladonna set, got her jaw busted during a rough sex session.

Wells needed two surgeries and settled for $40,000 in hush money. True, Wells kept hush but it was her boyfriend Skeeter Kerkove who blasted that story all over the Internet. Could you imagine Skeeter Kerkove and Rob Black doing back-to-back radio shows? Half the industry would either be in jail or in courtrooms facing allegations.

Skeeter at the time made these comments to me: “Aiden [Belladonna’s boyfriend] and Belladonna broke Kelly Wells’ jaw during a sex scene. I do not want to hear another negative word about Rob Black or Max Hardcore. Because they have never broken a girl’s fucking jaw. Then they [Evil Angel] tried lying to the girl saying nothing’s wrong with you, you’re okay- take this five grand.

“They broke Kelly Wells’ jaw on a bad set. How dare John Stagliano talk bad about Max Hardcore? It’s his director who his company paid off that broke Kelly Wells’ jaw. Now what greater injury is there? Evil Angel holds the title for the most documented physical abuse ever given on a girl on a porn set.”

“She received nothing for pain and suffering. You guys fucked her up. How dare you do that taking advantage of somebody with no attorney representation? You are bad. Why don’t you have Belladonna show the raw footage? Is it secretly edited? Let’s see it.”

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