Week 1 Football Pixxx

(MIAMI, FL) — You can take me out of Porn Valley, but you can’t take the Porn Valley out of me. At least that’s my prediction of behavior this Thursday in Miami, Florida as I arrive for a little business and a lot of pleasure. It’s opening day of the Dolphins season Sunday and I, along with some friends [that of course I pay to be seen with me] will be partyin’ hard!
Regardless of my personal glee, it’s that time again where I am forced to give my football pixxx. Last year if you recall, I finished the season with a 67% success rate–85% for the first half of the season. What does that mean? Nothing except luck. But those odds are good enough for me placin’ a few wagers…you make up your own mind.

Below find my football pixxx for Week 1 in the NFL, I’ll print Gene Ross’ pixxx in the next day or so:

[All Games Win & Loss Only – No Spreads]

(Home Team in Parenthesis)

Jets Over Redskins (Washington)

Lions Over Cardinals (Detroit)

Broncos Over Bengals (Cincinnati)

Colts Over Browns (Cleveland)

Vikings Over Packers (Green Bay)

Chiefs Over Chargers (Kansas City)

Falcons Over Cowboys (Dallas)

Saints Over Seahawks (Seattle)

Steelers Over Ravens (Pittsburgh)

Dolphins Over Texans (Miami)

Jaguars Over Panthers (Carolina)

Bills Over Patriots (Buffalo)

Rams Over Giants (New York)

49ers Over Bears (San Francisco)

Raiders Over Titans (Tennessee)

Monday: Eagles Over Bucs (Philadelphia)

Home Team Pixxx to Win: 7 Away Team Pixxx to Win: 9

Good luck! Results will be updated following the games!!!


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