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SANTA CLARITA, CA – Gene Ross and I spent the day on-set Tuesday with Multimedia Pictures and Hollywood/Hunter Productions as they filmed the new stag, Filthy Old Farts.

Porn Set Shooting Review:

The cast and crew were very accommodating. All parties were upbeat and friendly, seemingly organized and attentive to everyone’s needs, even the guests on set who weren’t participating. The talent in the film, which included Steve Nelson, Amira, Brooke Hunter, Ms Arroyo, Jocelyn Pink, Don Hollywood, Dick Nasty and scattered others, seemed relaxed and patient as the day of production went along. Hollywood and Hunter also directed the film for Multimedia.

I didn’t get to see Don direct because he was in the middle of a sex scene with Amira when I arrived but quite honestly, I’m very impressed by Brooke’s skills and vision. Nothing got by her that was questionable and she really knew how to guide the camera crew and actors into a steamy sex scene.

In my opinion, the premise of the movie is very clever and funny. Basically nurses at a convalescent home take out some sexual frustrations on the elder residents. Steve Nelson [AInews.com] really played the part very well. The cane, top hat and long, gray goatee was perfect.

Craft services sucked. Don always joked with me that his food supply on set is sparse and with about two dozen bagels and a tub of whip cream, I can tell you, he wasn’t kidding. The only soda I could find was Diet Coke from a bar tap that was located in a guest bathroom. I hope later they ordered pizza or something because I was only there two hours and was starving.

Overall, their day seemed to run smooth and all actors said they were having a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing the film when it’s released. Read AdultFYI.com often for updates on its’ release.

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