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A Live Chat with Rebecca Love

(SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA) — I hung out at KSEX last night and was fortunate to get an interview with the fucking hot Rebecca Love.
A chat with Rebecca Love of

BH: How long now have you been in the biz?

RL: Just in porn? Or the adult industry?

BH: Both

RL: Dancin at 19 and porn almost a year.

BH: Meaning you’re under 21?

RL: No, dancing since 96 and almost until 2002

BH: What brought you into porn?

RL: Always wanted to be a feature and I love sex and money

BH: Now that you’re in it, is it all you thought it would be?

RL: Hmmmm…….[laughing]….lived up to its expectation, but I’m greedy and I want more

BH: What do you mean more? What else do you want?

RL: I want to be #1

BH: #1 like Jenna?

RL: No, like Ginger Lynn. I don’t want to be a fad, I want to be a legend

BH: Being that Jenna has been basically #1 in revenue, desire and popularity in the last couple of years, do you think in 10 or 20 years she will be a fad, or remembered as a Ginger?

RL: How can you beat the best? Jenna is on her way [don’t want to burn a bridge] but Ginger IS PORN.

BH: What about the biz, if anything don’t you like?

RL: I don’t like people telling me that I have to do something when it’s NOT to my standard. When they say I have to do something to appeal to the fans that I may not necessarily agree with.

BH: Can you give us an example of a suggestion from someone who thinks they’re in the know, but you don’t agree with?

RL: When I started I only wanted to do girl/girl. People who have been around a while said I’ll never make it if I only do that. I wanted to get there, but at my own pace and I felt pressured to do it sooner. And when giving so much of one self, girls should never be pressured. Other people said, I’d never make it as a condom only girl, but I’ve stuck to my guns and I’m working a lot.

BH: Who told you those things?

RL: The little green fairy…[laughing]….Santa Claus….Tooth Fairy….

BH: If I guess will you tell me?

RL: Sure…give me anyone you think would’ve said that

BH: Ok…Roy Garcia, Scott Fayner, Wanker Wang, Jim South…one of those guys told you that you have to do boy/girl to make it.

RL: All of the above, no, just kidding, but 2 out of 4 ain’t bad!!!

BH: Can we put this interview on hold, lock Wankus’ office door and get me some head?

RL: [laughing] Is the door locked?

BH: Not yet, but it can be.

RL: Nah, not unless we charge admission.

BH: Is there any male talent you’ve worked with that you really enjoyed yourself?

RL: Chris Canon…he’s passionate and one of the few good men

BH: Is there any male talent you’ve worked with that if you find out in advance he’s to be on your set, that you’ll cancel on?

RL: Max Hardcore makes me sick

BH: Why is that?

RL: All I have to say to that is, LITERALLY….he makes girls puke and ahhhhhhh. I had to share a booth one time with him. Ughhh. Girls came up to me and said “what movie are you in” I was like ewwwwww. And Lee Stone can break me in too when he fucks me, or NOT! He won’t get a chance.

BH: Any girls you worked with that you extra enjoyed?

RL: My roommate, my best friend, MercedesXXX []. I loved her so much, I moved her in.

BH: Do your folks know what you do?

RL: Barely

BH: What does that mean?

RL: Oh god. They know I’m in the adult industry but they have no idea about their little girl.

BH: If they saw one of your videos would you be written off?

RL: From what? There goes the double wide! [laughing]

BH: Ok forget about material things, I’m talking about the relationship between your parents.

RL: They’d be hurt at first but I’m sure they’d get over it. They’d reap the benefits….oh wait, they are….they borrow money all the fucking time.

BH: If you’re out on the road, do your fans have a chance with you. Lets just say, you’re dancing or signing and you see a cute fan that has the right game…does he have a shot with Rebecca Love?

RL: I always need a fluffer

BH: Meaning, you’d do a fan?

RL: When don’t I? [laughing] Fans make Rebecca Love.

BH: Do you do privates like many other stars?

RL: Yes, go to

BH: What goes on at the privates?

RL: I plead the 5th.

BH: Bitch

RL: I see you’ve paid before.

BH: Nope…I have actually never paid for sex.

RL: Good because I don’t except food stamps.

BH: Bitch. You are your own webmaster…

RL: …mistress

BH: Sorry….webmistress for….how is the site going for you?

RL: Increasing in membership but I’m still a greedy bitch….so drop the card fellahs.

BH: As a CoHo on The Wanker Show on do you enjoy your once a week stint?

RL: Sure, after a few beers, [laughing] no I’m just kidding. It’s the only job I’ve only wanted to come to. This is one job I LOVE. I mean, I like it better then porn.

BH: People have accused Wankus recently of being a pushy sex-a-holic. Off the air, has Wankus ever pushed you sexually to please him?

RL: Oh god. Unfortunately, I think he’s a eunuch.

BH: Meaning, he is NON sexual?

RL: Meaning he has no penis.

BH: LOL, so you’ve seen it?

RL: Still waiting.

BH: So Wankus is more of a tease?

RL: He tries to be.

BH: What does that mean?

RL: He’s still in denial.

BH: Meaning what? He’s gay?

RL: He tries to be

BH: Serious?

RL: Am I ever serious?

BH: Ok, lets be serious for just one moment. If you can sum up your co-worker, Wankus in one phrase, what would you say?

RL: Lots of talk, no action!

BH: Your amazing tits, what size are they?

RL: 36 Double D.

BH: And obviously they are enhanced, yes?

RL: Why do you say that

BH: Just an assumption.

RL: I fixed a flat

BH: Would you like to recommend your surgeon?

RL: No

BH: Your tits are beautiful….what don’t you like about the doctor’s work?

RL: Honestly it’s not the only work he did on me and he was a fuck up. Don’t ever go to Dr. Diaco in Tampa.

BH: What work did he perform that you’re upset about?

RL: Tummy tuck

BH: What went wrong?

RL: He made it ripple, not make it flat. He made my stomach have a grin with a fat lip. I had it re-done.

BH: Were you fat before porn?

RL: No. Just a pouch….like a kangaroo [laughs]…just kidding

BH: What does the future bring for Rebecca Love. What do you want to do in the next 10 years?

RL: Produce my own films. Like Keri Windsor does.

BH: Do you admire Keri or any other female star?

RL: Yes Keri for sure, and Bianca 7. They’ve gone beyond most male expectations and produce high quality films.

BH: If someone wants to book Rebecca Love, where do they contact you at?

RL: Email me at [email protected]

BH: Thank you for your time, is there anything else you’d like to ad before we wrap it up?

RL: Where’s my check for this interview?

BH: If it was up your ass you’d know it.

RL: [laughing] My first anal!


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