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Adult Industry Complains About Piracy and Tube Sites, Yet Takes Manwin Money

We had a story yesterday on AdultFYI on Jessica Drake, Boko Haram and The College Rape Tour. It’s a great read and it’s been getting a lot of traction.

XBIZ has a message forum. I never really knew this. I asked Tom Byron yesterday, “Why don’t we submit our stories on the XBIZ message board?” Byron said, “I’m already registered on there. I opened a profile in 2011, I just never participated in it. We’ve been so busy, I actually forgot I had an account.” So Byron went and posted a couple of our recent stories in the forum.

The most recent was the story we posted on AdultFYI about Jessica Drake and her college piracy tour with Nate Glass. It’s gotten a few interesting comments. A couple guys didn’t like the rape headline and the Boko Haram comparison. Whether you love me or hate me, I break down the truth of this business like no one else does. It’s obvious when people have an issue with my truth, because they can only respond with insults. If someone has an issue with what I’m saying, they can post what is wrong with that issue. Here is why you’re wrong, here are the facts and so on. But people who are lazy and/or stupid don’t do that. It’s a lot easier just to hurl insults. Which is fine, but when you have nothing to respond with other than name calling, it’s obvious that I’m right.

The story has been getting a lot of reaction because what I’m saying is true and accurate. The industry demonization of Manwin/Mindgeek is absurd.

There was another article on XBIZ that relates to this story that I wanted to comment on. I saw it after we did the show on Tuesday. It is about an organization that was formed to tell people to buy porn and not download or view it for free.

Here is the article about the organization and what they are doing:

“ on Tuesday announced the launch of PayforYourPorn.Org, which endeavors to bring together the industry’s top players for a common cause “to support the benefits of quality paid content.””

“The group behind says that adult entertainment fans need to fight against theft by seeking out paid content.”

““It’s better produced, delivered in higher quality formats, more secure, and fosters the creation of new adult content,” the group says. “Industry professionals can join the cause by partnering with us and spreading the word through social media and other platforms.””

“Adult star and sex educator, jessica drake, is an advocate on the effects of piracy. The Wicked Girl remarked, “As a performer, director and producer for Wicked Pictures, I can speak first hand about the very real effects of piracy on the entertainment industry and the economy. Piracy is a very serious criminal activity. It not only decreases the bottom line of the artist but also every single person who is employed by the art, music, literary and entertainment industries.”

““People don’t realize illegal downloading of copyrighted digital content results in a loss of jobs, lower wages, higher unemployment rates and higher taxes. Theft is also a violation of personal consent and ethics. Support the entertainment you love, the companies and stars who make your favorite movies, and the economy. Please pay for your porn.””

“Adult star Tasha Reign agreed. “I hope my fans understand that I cannot create porn without them paying for it,” Reign said. “The word needs to be spread.””

“Adult content providers interested in partnering with the cause should use the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page. Get all of the latest updates by subscribing to or following #PayForYourPorn on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr.”

Now when you go to the website, you will see a number of tweets of people who are supporting this organization. These people work with Manwin. Kendall Karson works with Manwin. Tasha Reign works with Manwin. Jessica Drake, whose company Wicked is owned by Manwin. Alex Chance works with Manwin.

Also, does stock Manwin product? Yes, they do. Adult DVD Empire supports Manwin. If you go to Adult, they have a picture of a bunch of girls. There’s Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross and Stoya and they’re all wearing camo gear and holding guns. It’s a link to the blog post for If I’m not mistaken, this picture is from a Digital Playground movie. Every one of these girls were Manwin girls. Adult DVD Empire is using a picture to fight stolen porn that is from the very company that they are accusing of stealing porn. What the fuck am I looking at here?

This has got to be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever witnessed. If I’m wrong, somebody please tell me. Go to and look at their main page. The picture of Jesse, Riley, Kayden and Stoya that has the hashtag #PayForYourPorn is from Digital Playground and Digital Playground is owned by Manwin.

What the fuck is wrong with this business?

Here you have Adult DVD Empire saying don’t support Manwin. Because RedTube, YouPorn, etc. It’s all Manwin. So don’t support Manwin, don’t support these tube sites, support companies that are not pirates and pay for your porn, but they have a picture from a Digital Playground movie, which is Manwin. Is this the craziest shit you’ve ever seen?

C’mon, Adult DVD Empire, you fucking rats. These are the guys who got busted when I did and made a deal with the government. Nobody knows the exact details, but they got busted for some of my movies and made a deal with the government that if I went to trial, they would cooperate in my prosecution. They stopped carrying my product. Not just the edgy stuff, everything. They really are just scumbags.

Adult DVD Empire uses Manwin content to shit on Manwin. Makes a lot of sense. Is this industry that insane? I know I’m a big asshole, but am I that big of an asshole that I can’t point out something so blatantly obvious?

If Adult DVD Empire is serious about combating piracy and tube sites and stolen content, why don’t they pull all of their Manwin product? Doesn’t that seem logical? The business really is run by idiots. We complain about Manwin, but everybody does business with them. If everybody wanted to get rid of Manwin, they could cut off their revenue streams. But everybody needs Manwin’s revenue streams more than Manwin needs theirs.

I see Brazzers movies all over the Adult DVD Empire site. If they were really serious about doing away with tube sites and getting people to pay for their porn, they would do away with all of the Mindgeek/Manwin product. They do away with product all the time. They don’t carry my product. They have a list of stuff they won’t carry, certain bondage products, certain themes. They have a whole list of stuff they won’t carry that was part of their deal with the government. So it’s not unheard of for Adult DVD Empire to say we won’t carry this product or we won’t carry that product. If they wanted to make a stand against free porn they would pull all of the Manwin product off of their site, from Brazzers to Wicked to Digital Playground.

Again, if the industry really wanted to combat piracy and do away with the tube sites, wouldn’t it make sense not to do business with Manwin? But everybody does. All the talent works for Manwin, all the directors work for Manwin. People pay AVN, which is owned by Manwin. All of these things contribute to putting money in Manwin’s pocket. But I guess it makes people feel better to say, “Don’t do business with tube sites, don’t do business with Manwin.” But they all do.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. Nobody will explain it to me because there is no explanation. Instead, they just insult me.

Adult DVD Empire, Alex Chance, Tasha Reign, Tanya tate, Catalina Cruz, Jessica Drake all say, “Pay for your porn! Pay for your porn!” But they all do business with the very same company that they’re rallying against. Jessica Drake is the best, because her company is straight up owned by Manwin.

Somebody please explain to me how Jessica Drake can run around the country with Nate Glass condemning Manwin and RedTube. Nate Glass went on ABC and said that they were to root of all the piracy. So how the fuck is he doing this whirlwind college tour with Jessica Drake when she is in bed with the very company that he says is ruining the business? Please somebody answer that for me. I beg of you. Without insulting me and saying Rob Black has burned his bridges.

I haven’t burned anything, assholes. I could walk through any number of doors in this industry and have a job tomorrow, jerkoffs. I actually have filmmaking talent and tenure in the business. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot and anyone who wouldn’t hire me because I told the truth about what a scumbag they are is somebody I wouldn’t want to work for in the first place. I actually have aspirations beyond holding a camera and ogling some skank’s fat ass.

There are no bridges in this business that can be burned. You have people who talk shit on Manwin, the biggest juggernaut in the business and then take their money. And that’s acceptable. I rest my case. This is an industry that looks at Jessica Drake and Adult DVD Empire and applauds them for fighting people that they are in business with. I’m blacklisted. Get the fuck outta here.

But forget about me. Take me out of the equation and just answer this simple question: How can you do business with Manwin on a Monday and take their money and pay your bills, then on a Tuesday piss in their face? How do you do that? Then claim that you don’t take their money and you just pissed in their face? How? How do you do that?

The picture on Adult DVD Empire of Digital Playground/Manwin girls advertising an anti piracy organization disqualifies them from participating in the discussion of free porn. How can anybody from this organization hold their head up proudly and say they are actually doing something to fight the problem? You’re rallying against a company that puts money in your pocket. It defies all rational thought. It doesn’t make any sense.

AVN is owned by Manwin. Do people advertise and accept their AVN Awards? Yes. Wicked is owed by Manwin, as is Digital Playground. Does talent work for them and do agents book their talent through them? Yes. Do talent work for Brazzers? Yes. So how the fuck can anybody talk shit on Manwin? If everybody was serious and really wanted to stand up and fight, they just wouldn’t do business with Manwin. But they won’t do that, because everyone needs their money. So everybody should just shut their fucking mouths.

If Manwin blacklisted every one of these people who talk about piracy, watch how fast everybody would shut the fuck up. You all are lucky Manwin is not run by raving lunatics. If this was the business of the 80’s, every single one of you big mouths would be done. You loudmouths would be picked off one by one and sent straight to the poorhouse. Manwin is the only company that is shooting. Everyone who is still making movies are affiliated or owned by Manwin. Manwin is like Reuben Sturman. For those of you who don’t know, Reuben Sturman ran the business in the 80’s. If you pissed off Reuben, you weren’t in business. And the one thing that pissed off Reuben was a loudmouth. You didn’t go on TV and blab about the business back then about anything that wasn’t approved by him.

You are all lucky that Manwin are as civil as they are. If they wanted to, they could say, “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, you’re out…” I don’t know why they don’t do it.

You wonder why this business is in the shape it is. You have people that talk shit and then take money. I present facts and ask questions and instead of answering them, you avoid the issue and just say I’m a big meanie. “I know what you’re saying is the truth, but we just don’t wanna deal with it. Rob, you’re just a meanie.” OK, I’m a meanie. But it’s not going to make the questions go away. It’s not going to make the issues go away.

It’s very simple. Everyone says Manwin and the tube sites are the root of all of our problems. Yet, everybody continues to work for Manwin. Cool. Then you all should just shut your fucking mouths, take their fucking money and get on with your lives.

Everybody in this business takes money from Manwin. Sorry, but it is a fact. But the most pathetic example of hypocrisy is Adult DVD Empire using Digital Playground pictures to advertise for When a company use a company that they’re shitting on for promotion, that’s when you know the business is completely fucked.

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