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Asia Carrera Interviewed

Asia Carrera was interviewed recently on the UK website Maxit Mag. Carrera, a self-described computer nerd is now retired from the business and spends her time fixing computers.

WWW – Carrera, 30, is married to nutritionist and fitness guru Don Lemmon ( They live in Hawaii together, where Carrera’s pregnant with her first baby, due in mid-March.

Asked if she had any computer in the world, her ultimate dream machine would be AMD. “Because they sent me a fully-tricked out system for my birthday one year,” Carrera says. “I use ATI on one computer for vidcap and editing stuff, and Nvidia cards on the rest of my computers for gaming.”

Carrera’s favorite computer store is Fry’s megastore. “If I could have anything I wanted out of it, it would be to be locked in the store after hours, so I could play with ALL the toys, all night long!!,” she says. “I have dreams about living in Fry’s!!”

Carrera was asked how she went about bridging the gap between mega adult film star to successful webmistress.

“All it took was being an adult film star with the initiative to build a website,, of my own before the rest of the industry caught on to the whole internet thing,” Carrera answers. “The combination of being one of the first ones online, plus one of the VERY few doing it all by myself, was all the gimmick I needed.” Carrera says she never really had to become a “webmistress extraordinaire” because her fans were only coming by to see pics of her, to read her latest bulletins or, simply, just to get to know her better.

Carrera’s advice for maintaining a successful website is Keep It Simple, Stupid. “People want to find what they’re looking for with a minimum of hassle, so no pop-ups and banner ads cluttering the site, no mandatory downloads before people can view the pics or vid clips,” she advises. “And most people HATE to read, so keep the text minimal, witty, and to the point!”

Carrera edits all her pictures herself. “And I make all my own graphics myself also,” she says. “I do everything in Photoshop, and I am a Photoshop wizard, if I do say so myself!” Carrera also writes her own HTML. There’s a lengthy discussion about computer games playing, and Carrera notes that she never had a Barbie doll as a kid. “My nickname in high school was “Butch,” she says.

According to Carrera, with the possible exception of a million dollar offer from Bill Gates,. she’d hardly be tempted to make a comeback in the adult business. “I don’t wanna have to explain to my kid that Mommy’s moonlighting as a pornstar while he/she’s at school, y’know?” she answers. “Luckily my husband has a good job, so I can play mommy fulltime without having to worry about going back to work.”

Carrera was asked what her favorite feature is and why is it special to her.

“‘Appassionata’ is my baby,” she says. “I wrote it, directed and produced it, starred in it, played classical piano throughout, sat through the editing, designed the boxcover, and was one of the 3-man team that authored the double-disk DVD release. It got a whoppin’ 10 nominations at the AVN Awards show in Vegas, including Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Music, and Best DVD.”

She was asked what the funniest thing was that happened to her on set.

“We were shooting a scene in a limo,” she says. “And they SWORE we couldn’t be seen from the outside of the car, so off we drove down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles at rush hour, shooting our sex scene. As the sun went down, they turned on lights in the limo so the cameras could see better, and guess who was visible for miles around without realizing it?? We didn’t catch on until a couple trucks started keeping pace with the limo, and the drivers were staring down at us and cheering us on. As soon as I saw THAT I yanked my clothes over me and demanded they turn the lights off, QUICK!!”

Carrera also talks about the time how she and Jenna did each other with fencing swords in “Hell on Heels”.

“That was pretty stupid, and dangerous,” Carrera states. “The director yelled at us to ‘put some energy into it!’ and we told him if he wanted us to go faster, he could speed the footage up in the edit bay. We weren’t dicing ourselves into ribbons for his benefit!”

In the interview, Carrera states that sheI was 3 weeks away from moving to England last fall, house packed up, plane tickets bought, ready to go. Then she met her husband-to-be. “He sweet-talked me into scrapping my plans for England to move to Hawaii with him instead.”


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