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Between Britni’s Legs All Was Well

(DENVER, CO) — The inaugural ride for the Denver “Adult” Riders Club could not have gone better, minus a mishap I will write about shortly.

As I put my gear on and headed over to the meeting place, I was a tad nervous as I was not sure how many people would show up, if any. Bring very familiar with the Internet and knowing most people on it are full of shit and would lie about attending then duck out for an entire list of lamo reasons, I just did not know if anyone would actually attend. As I rounded the corner and made my first visual inspection of the parking lot, I was flabbergasted. There were 30 motorcycles waiting for me and an entire list of people standing around chatting, awaiting my arrival.

The ride started a half hour later then it should have, as we all sat around and BSd and got to know one another a little bit. We did manage to get all 30 bikes rounded up and on the road though. It was amazing looking behind me and seeing bikes stretch back a mile or so.

Unfortunately, this ride was not without mishap. Ten miles into the ride, Ira lost control of his bike and went down extremely hard while cruising at nearly 70 miles an hour. The entire club stopped immediately and rendered emergency first aid to IRA and waited for the police and the ambulance. The accident was terrible, but it was nice to see riders, who barely knew one another, showing such concern for a fellow downed rider. Ira was taken to the hospital and released with some stitches, a mild concussion and a sore body (as we found out after the ride).

We all decided to continue the ride as it seemed a shame to allow an accident to spoil such a beautiful day with so many nice bikes and great people.

The trip through Winter Park, Granby and past Grand Lake was simply breathtaking. The weather was perfect, the riders stayed in perfect formation and the animal life, such as Elk and Moose were abundant. It was like a scene out of a motorcycle touring commercial. As we started the climb towards the top, the temperature dropped quickly. What was once 85 degrees rapidly became 45 degrees, over cast with some light rain. We did not stay at the top for long we all knew we had to get off the mountain and wanted to do so before we got stuck in a typical, Rocky Mountain downpour.

We made rather slow progress getting off the mountain and trough Estes park due to cars that simply did not seem to have anyplace to go. By the time we pulled in Lyons, most of our butts, mine included, were numb. We took a 20 minute break in Lyons them mounted up and drove to DynaMite’s place for the BBQ.

The BBQ was simple, easy and relaxing. The food was good and the conversation was even better. Minus a visit from the cops concerning my nudity walking around in the back yard and tending the grill, all went very smooth. As a special note, it was DynaMite’s 24th birthday and we all sang to her and had cake at the end of the night.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the other bisexual girls that attended and made the trip even more fun with their antics, flashing, kissing and basic, sexual, tomfoolery.

There are pics of this ride posted in the free yahoo club located at:
Feel free to check them out and download them as you so fit.

I am looking forward to the next ride as this one was such a great time. Thanks to all that attended. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.

Sexually yours,



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