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Calling Lynn Lemay

Porn Valley- I was chatting with Jonathan Morgan about a number of things today. Morgan had run into Lynn Lemay at the XRCO Show last week but didn’t have the opportunity to talk to her. Morgan spotted Lemay at the bar but their ways ran separate that evening, and he was looking for Lemay’s number to catch up on some old times.

Morgan said he hadn’t seen Lemay since the days of when she was dating Frank Marino. That romance, alone, enabled me to fill up half a gossip column, as I recall. Samantha Strong accounted for the other half. Morgan having been on a few of Strong’s sets said those stories certainly weren’t fabricated- about either woman.

“Lynn was always nice to me when I was performing,” Morgan remembers. “When I first started off she was one of the few veteran girls that actually would give me a rookie the time of day- be civil and nice to me. The others were, like, uuuuugh, get out of here.”

I jokingly mention to Morgan that I didn’t see his name in Jenna Jameson’s book, either. [Actually I think she did mention him, but Morgan was one of the few men who didn’t wind up in a Jameson body bag.]

Morgan suspects that if Jameson had devoted a chapter, it would have been about “the dorky guy” who was drooling all over her. But Morgan did say that he got a copy of Jenna’s book on the strength of the excerpts that I had been putting up last week. The selling point for him, said Morgan, was my comparison of Jameson’s book- in format- to the WWE autobiogs. Morgan is a huge wrestling fan as well as a fan of Jameson’s.

“I have huge respect for the girl,” he says. “Here’s a girl who started off as a performer. Now she’s a multi-millionaire CEO of her own company. My hats off to her.”

On the wrestling front, Morgan and I were chatting about the Stone Cold Steve Austin story which has parallels similar to the porn industry in the fact that wrestlers travel in circles that certainly limit their romantic opportunities. “You live on the road- you’re only going to get groupies,” states Morgan. Morgan and I then discuss rumors about another famous porn couple break up, one of them being a well known contract girl. But no names will be mentioned because the story is still in the whispers stage. Anyhow the story I heard was that she got beat up “for the last time.”

“This business really is tough on relationships,” states Morgan. “Definitely, when you’ve got two that are performers.” Noting that an outsider never seems to work in the porn mix because of their pre-conceived attitudes about the business, Morgan thanks the lucky stars that he caught a person that feels his association with the porn industry doesn’t matter. “Otherwise, they all think we’re scumbags.”

His mention of being a rookie prompted my suggesting to Morgan that I write about his scene with Jenna Wells when I finally do my book. Morgan knew exactly what I was talking about, not exactly the book but the scene. “You should do a book,” he says. “God if anyone has seen it, heard it and done it all, it’s you.”

I suspected that Morgan might not have thought the Wells episode to be funny at the time. “You were very new in the business,” I told him. “I was so wet behind the ears I came in drenched,” Morgan remembers. We laughed about the camera guys and lighting guys that were brought in by director Scotty Fox to stunt cock. But it was Alicia Rio’s husband, Steve Houston, who finally had to step in and save the scene.


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