Charlie Kirk and Conservative Inc. are Trying to Normalize Degeneracy Among Pro Trump Conservatives.

For the past weeks TPUSA’s Q&As has been getting slammed and grilled by real red-blooded American first types who actually want to make American Great Again.

Charlie Kirk and many of his followers are pro-gay, pro drag queen and were never Trumpers (until 2016). These grifters support gay sex, open borders and endless wars in the Middle East so as long as they don’t have to pay anymore taxes.

Lol, how is anal sex going to help us win the culture war?



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  1. The real centre of power of US the so-called Council on Foreign Relations wants Wars everywhere and not only in the Middle East because its members are Neo-Imperialists who support now Feminism, Same-Sex-Marriages and others nonsense but were once ultra-conservative or even reactionary in the past.

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