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Charlie Lane Interviewed

from www, – Charlie Laine and I are sitting at a secluded, dimly lit table, sipping wine and chatting over a platter of jumbo shrimp and Ahi Tuna.

A sleek dress hugs her slender but well proportioned figure. Brown hair streaked with blonde frames her seductive, wide-set eyes and smooth features, which look polished and metallic when touched by the whirling stage lights.

She’s the epitome of club-chic, yet beneath the veneer of her sexy pornstar persona and unabashed stories of fucking other women on film lies something very exposed and honest. She excitedly points to an ad for her appearance at Penthouse and when she talks about her off-screen life a hint of her small town Wisconsin accent emerges. Her’s is a kind of innocent charm that makes it entirely too easy to forget that this isn’t a first date. Sure Laine is beautiful as all models are, but she has something that can’t be faked—a genuine enthusiasm for what she’s doing.

In 2002 when Laine was 18, she began posing nude for magazines like Hustler and Cheri, and in February of 2006 she became the Penthouse Pet of the month. She has performed girl-on-girl and solo sex scenes in over 200 films. She has also appeared in more mainstream TV gigs, most notably having an orgasm on Howard Stern’s Sybian and competing in his “World’s Strongest Naked Woman Contest.” I caught up with the starlet at Tampa’s premier gentlemen’s club and steakhouse, Penthouse, just before her second ever featured club performance.

Alfie: How does dancing at a club like Penthouse compare to filming a sex scene?

Charlie Laine: Here the fans are up-close and personal and you don’t want to disappoint them. It’s a little nerve racking.

Alfie: Did you strip before you go into adult modeling?

Charlie Laine: I stripped for two days when I turned 18 and it just wasn’t for me. It was in Pensacola Florida at a club called Angels. While I was on stage some drunk grabbed my crotch. I ran off crying and never went back. But luckily porno came along. It’s a much safer environment.

Alfie: How did you transition from stripping for two days in Pensacola to doing porn?

Charlie Laine: I was on a modeling website and I got an email from an agent guaranteeing me work with magazines like Hustler and Cheri. It took me a good two and a half months before I actually went through with it. I flew out to LA for three weeks and loved it. I shot with Suze Randall and Earl Miller. Having the best photographers in the industry telling you you’re hot, you’re like ‘Really? Me? Maybe I am.’ I never really thought of myself like that. It was good for me. It was a good ego boost, a confidence builder, and I loved it.

Alfie: What do you like or dislike about Florida?
Charlie Laine: The humidity sucks and you’re always sweating but I do love the comfortableness. It’s filled with beautiful people wearing flip flops instead of heels.

Alfie: You told your entire family before you did any nude modeling and they were all very supportive. Do you have the coolest family ever or what?
Charlie Laine: Pretty much. My dad didn’t know until I was in Penthouse but my mom, grandma, and my aunt and uncle—everyone on my mom’s side knew. I’ve always been an open person. They’re all pretty awesome and really supportive. They’ve been with me through a lot. I love that they just want me to be happy. A lot of girls in this industry have parents who don’t approve and don’t support them. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do. I’m having fun along the way and I’m working toward a future besides this.

Alfie: What is your future beyond the adult industry?
Charlie Laine: I don’t want to do it past 35 just because I would like to have a family some day. I would like to get to a place where I have a semi normal job and am able to take maternity leave. My work now is very demanding travel wise. When I have a family I don’t want to be gone all the time. I want to be there. So I’m sewing my wild oats now, having fun while I’m young.

Alfie: How did you decide on your stage name?
Charlie Laine: At first it was Brandy Sapphire then it was Raina Lee. Suze Randall shot me and said, ‘You need to change your name. You’re not a Raina.’ She wanted to name me Coco Chanel or something like that. So I sat there and thought, ‘Well I’m only going to do girls, so I kind of want a boy’s name.’ Then it dawned on me that Charlie perfume was in my dress-up kit as a kid. Then I took Tracey Lain and Devinn Lane’s last names, because they were very popular when I started, and combined them to come up with Charlie Laine.

Alfie: What’s your favorite pornstar name?
Charlie Laine: Courtney Cummz. She’s the sweetest girl, she’s dirty as shit, and she does cum, a lot.

Alfie: Many young women get caught in the trap of doing amateur porn and thinking it’s a backdoor into Hollywood, then they leave the business disillusioned after six month. What advice do you have for women wanting to get into the business?
Charlie Laine: I was lucky enough where my agent hooked me up with the best people in the industry. Just like any industry, there are a lot of people in this business who will fuck you over. It just so happens that a lot of girls who get into it are young—18, 19, 20. We don’t know how evil the world can be and we get taken advantage of. I would say email the best photographers you know of and work that way. And, if you’re a model you should never have to pay for anything. You get paid. There are a lot of scammers out there saying, ‘Oh I’ll build you a portfolio and you can pay me.’ No, If I’m taking my clothes off you’re paying me. Get references. Do background checks. Talk to other models and make sure they are legit. You don’t want to ever put yourself in a position where you’re uncomfortable or you’re taken advantage of because it’s so easy in this industry. You’re as exposed as you can get, you’re naked, or you’re fucking, or you’re putting something inside you, or you’re giving lap dances. You don’t want to let anyone take advantage of you while you’re like that because it’s going to put a bad taste in your mouth.

Alfie: How has porn affected your development as a person?
Charlie Laine: Being as open to sexuality as you have to be in this industry, you’re going to grow up faster. A lot of people are sheltered from sexuality, which I don’t think is good. It’s a big part of life. It’s a big part of happiness. A lot of marriages fail because sex isn’t good. A lot of people are depressed because they aren’t getting any.

Alfie: Do you ever get recognized?
Charlie Laine: I actually did coming here. I was at the airport. I was on my phone, had glasses on, no makeup, a hat—completely dorked out—and I look up and there’s this guy handing me a stack of eight by tens to autograph. I’ve never had that happen. I was weirded out, not like in a creepy way, but like whoa, what’s this person doing. Then all the security guys were like, ‘Who are you?’ as I’m signing pictures with my ass spread.

Alfie: What’s your favorite bad title of a film you’ve appeared in?
Charlie Laine: I just found one: Charlie Laine is a Filthy Whore. They didn’t even tell me they were going to call it that. I didn’t know I was a filthy whore but I guess it’s true if there’s a movie about it.

Alfie: How do you decide what you will and won’t do on camera?
Charlie Laine: I won’t do anything I’m not comfortable with. I do spanking. I like spanking. I do foot fetish work because I like feet. I cater to fetishes because I think it’s a good idea to have that available to guys who don’t care about penetration.

Alfie: What’s the strangest thing you’ve done on film?
Charlie Laine: I do a lot of knockout stuff. Like fake chloroform.

Alfie: Do you think these type of darker fetish videos act as a release or an instigator for viewers?
Charlie Laine: To me, it’s giving those guys a release so they don’t have to go out and chloroform some random girl. You’ll do custom orders for them and they are so detail oriented that you can tell it’s just really what they want to see. To many people it’s weird, but I’m creating something good for these guys. I’m helping someone get that release, that orgasm, which is awesome.

Alfie: What are your personal relationships like?
Charlie Laine: I’ve been single for about eight months, so not much penis action. I have an Italian greyhound and a Chihuahua who are my life. I love them more than myself. They’re the best things that have ever happened to me. I don’t know what I’m going to do without them. My Italian greyhound is getting gray hairs on his face and I’m like, ‘Don’t die on me.’ Now I’m kind of in search for a miniature potbelly pig. They are supper smart. I want to teach mine to paint.

Alfie: Have you smoked pot in Tampa yet?
Charlie Laine: I’ve actually cut down a lot. I didn’t bring any with me this time.

Alfie: You usually bring pot on planes?
Charlie Laine: Oh yeah. You just cooter it. You wrap it in plastic wrap, then a plastic baggy. You put two condoms on it then shove it up your nana, and you’re good to go—fresh as pie. During my entire Penthouse club tour when I was the pet of the month, I cootered weed.

Alfie: Although you’re bisexual, you’ve said you take relationships with men more seriously. Does this have anything to do with why you don’t film girl/boy sex scenes?
Charlie Laine: I’m more emotionally attracted to men and more physically attracted to women. I attach myself to men. If I do have a boyfriend and we’re fighting, I don’t do the whole makeup sex thing which is unfortunate for them, but that just means my boyfriends have to treat me good and they’ll get laid all the time.

Alfie: Have any of your boyfriends been treated to off-screen threesomes with your costars.
Charlie Laine: I’ve never had a threesome with a boyfriend of mine. I’ve been the other girl in threesomes. I’ve never really been asked. I think I’m a lot to handle, bedroom and otherwise.

Alfie: Are you saying you’re a crazy girlfriend?
Charlie Laine: We’re all a little crazy in our own ways. I’m very affected by everything. I’ll watch TV shows and just start crying. Extreme Home Makeover makes me ball hysterically.

Alfie: What makes a fulfilling sex scene for you?
Charlie Laine: If I’m working with a girl who’s totally into girls, it’ll be an awesome scene. If the girl is not into girls then you can totally tell and it sucks. I can’t fake it. I feed off other people’s emotions so much, it’s hard for me to fake anything.

Alfie: How do you get yourself in the mood for sex when you’re not feeling it or you’re not attracted to the other girl?
Charlie Laine: I think of who’s going to watch it. I don’t want someone to buy this, wanting to get off, and they see a lame scene because the other person sucks. When it comes down to it, I have to snap in because I am a performer. I am fulfilling fantasies for people. I watched some of my old videos and you could so tell I wasn’t comfortable. I didn’t make a sound. I looked scared.

Alfie: What can fans expect from you in the future?
Charlie Laine: I want to keep feature dancing. It’s another realm that I’m very excited about. You can’t pirate the experience and I absolutely love traveling. I get to meet my fans and I get to shake my ass. I also just shot a bunch of new stuff for but I never know when my movies are coming out. The producers never tell me. I just show up, fuck, then Google myself later. When you’re a free agent like me, going from random girl to random girl, you don’t get told those things. I know, it’s a tough life but someone’s got to live it, and I’m glad it’s me.

See Charlie Laine perform live at The Penthouse Club of Tampa and Platinum Showgirls July 22 – 24, 2010.


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