Christian Mann Had Lunch with The Sixto Kid; Did He pay the Bill with a $50,000 Check?

As we’ve seen in the past, the Free Speech Coalition freely accepts checks from Manwin. So what bought Sixto Pacheco’s loyalty to PASS all of a sudden.

You may have forgotten, but the powerful AdultFYI archives have not when Sixto Pacheco issued a press release a year ago last August saying: “Talent Testing Service, said it won’t participate in the APHSS program because the manual entry for inputting performer data by participating facilities is “unsafe.” I take that as a slap to Cutting Edge Testing.

You can read the whole thing in context here:

A year later, Pacheco released another statement saying:
“TTS believes there is a testing loophole in the FSC/APHSS/PASS Clearance database.”

Wow. It didn’t sound like Mann and Pacheco had much to talk about over lunch, but Mann is now telling us in a letter printed by AVN, that TTS is all aboard and ready to ride the PASS train. What changed the Sixto Kid’s mind? Better yet, what exactly were in those tacos?

Mann in his letter, says: “By the way, I recently had lunch with Sixto who told me in no uncertain terms that PASS is an important tool that must continue to exist.”

Doesn’t sound like it from those two press releases. How much did that lunch cost Mann?


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