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From the Gene Files 7/3/02: We don’t just talk a good game about how hot a girl is, we authentically interview them, and yesterday we had the following chat with the adorable Julie Night.

Julie: I’ve been in the business a couple of months. I’ve been dancing locally for two years. Mostly North Hollywood. I’m also a student- a perpetual student. I’m studying electrical engineering.

Gene: Get out of here.

Julie: I swear.

Gene: What kind of connections do you want to make.

Julie: I don’t know.

Gene: In the mean time I suppose you’re busy short circuiting your male audience.

Julie: I hope so.

Gene: Of all professions to choose, what made you decide on that.

Julie: I wanted to do something practical with my degree. I didn’t want to waste my money getting some piece of shit piece of paper.

Gene: What are you going to do with this degree.

Julie: Get a normal office job where I don’t take my clothes off.

Gene: That almost sounds like you’re not thrilled with the prospect of taking your clothes off.

Julie: No, I like taking my clothes off. I’m 24 today [yesterday]. Today’s my birthday. But whn I’m 30 I can’t be doing this.

Gene: How do you know. Women get hotter as they get older. You got a couple of good years left- at least. How did you become a stripper.

Julie: I met a girl who worked over at Deja Vu where I now work.

Gene: She convinced you.

Julie: It wasn’t hard. I don’t mind taking my clothes off. It’s okay money.

Gene: You went the extra step to work in porn movies.

Julie: I thought about it for like a year.

Gene: What was the first scene you did.

Julie: It was for a friend of mine; I don’t even know what’s happening with it. My first actual video was Fast Times at Deep Crack High Volume 7.

Gene: I don’t know how I missed that one. Gee, it sounds like an anal movie.

Julie: It is.

Gene: And, let me guess, you do anal.

Julie: Yes.

Gene: Tell me about your first anal.

Julie: I was in Vegas. It was March.

Gene: Recreational anal?

Julie: Yeah. I liked it.

Gene: When did you first have sex.

Julie: I was 16. It was a friend of mine. It was it his neighbor’s house. A good friend- we’re still friends today.

Gene: Do you still talk about that special moment.

Julie: No, but he likes to tell everyone.

Gene: Has the business been good to year so far.

Julie: Yeah, but it’s been slow.

Gene: Anyone you’re feuding with and would like to punch in the nose?

Julie: Yeah this one guy. His name is Brian Bumper. He’s an idiot. He’s talent and a dumb ass. Luckily he’s gone back to New York. Vince Vouyer over at Red Light District just loves him to death. He uses him in everything. I worked twice with Brian Bumper and twice I had to restrain myself from choking him to death. He’s real cocky and thinks he’s the best and isn’t. He hurt my ass!

Gene: You’re doing mostly all anal scenes.

Julie: I’m trying not to. but it seems to be the jobs that I get. And then there’s Ed over at Dane trying to lowball me. He wanted two anal scenes out of me. I’m guessing he’ll offer me $1000 for two scenes. I have to laugh at that.



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