Did Rape prompt Chloe Jones Seizures?

Porn Valley- Other suburban soccer moms drive minivans. Chloe Jones drove men wild as an adult video star. Yet after she died suddenly on June 4th – two weeks shy of her 30th birthday — A CURRENT AFFAIR uncovered some surprising secrets about this blonde bombshell. Tonight, Jones’ co-workers remember their fun-loving friend. A former director describes the health problems that plagued Jones during her final years. And Chloe’s husband Mike reveals Jones’ ambivalence about her career, her devotion to their children, and her alleged fling with a notorious Hollywood playboy.

Google “Chloe Jones” and you’ll score over 800,000 hits. But to her friends in Houston, she’ll always be Melinda Taylor – Mike’s wife and the mother of three young kids. At the age of 17, Melinda left Texas for the bright lights of L.A. She began entering contests in local bikini bars and modeled for over 1,000 adult magazines using the stage name Chloe Jones. Appearances in best-selling XXX porn flicks — and on Howard Stern’s radio show – soon followed.

While leaving a photo shoot in the ’90s, Chloe was brutally assaulted. According to her husband, “She was raped…a guy took a baseball bat to her in an alley. It was after that blow to the head that she started [experiencing seizures].” Could they have caused Chloe’s untimely death? An autopsy was performed, and the investigation is ongoing. Still, three months ago, a friend who witnessed Chloe having a seizure recalls, “You could see she was in pain and suffering.”


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