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Dimension DVD Celebrates Its Ten Year Anniversary; An Interview with Owner Robert Brickman

The Brickman family is one of the oldest names in the adult business.

Carrying that legacy forward proudly is Robert Brickman, co-founder of Dimension DVD in Chatsworth, and Chief Technology Officer of skinworXXX. Brickman is having quite the year, first joining Teagan Presley and Joshua at the helm of skinworXXX, and now celebrating the 10th anniversary of Dimension DVD.

Brickman founded Dimension DVD ten years ago with partner Daniel Milstein.

“When Daniel and I first started doing DVD authoring, DVDs were only three years in the market, and all studios were still releasing VHS,” Brickman adds.

“This was just going to be a hobby to us initially, but it grew into something much more. I take pride in my work as does Daniel, and we are very excited to hit the ten year mark, and have such great exclusive clients such as Wicked and Vivid.”

Dimension DVD, besides being the renown authoring leader in the adult field, was also the first authoring house to offer a True HD project on HD-DVD.

Campy Cuddly Pines Massacre by Wicked Pictures started the HD craze for adult, and now has carried over into the world of Blu-ray. Last year, Dimension DVD was first to market in adult with a true anamorphic full DVD resolution digital copy for Deviance.

To accomplish this feat, Robert worked closely with skinworXXX CEO and director Joshua.

“Robert and I became friends while working on Sun Goddess, but we’ve blossomed into best of friends over the past two years,” Joshua explains.

“Robert and I both share similar drives to be number one, and I brought my business to Rob for Sun Goddess, Deviance and now D2 because of that confidence. When the opportunity arose to bring Rob on as an advisor and partner in skinworXXX with Eva (Angelina) retiring, I jumped on it. No one knows their stuff like Rob. Well, maybe me, but no one else!” Joshua jokingly adds.

For more information on Dimension DVD, visit on the web, or email [email protected]. To follow Robert’s antics on Twitter, visit

A Q&A conducted several months ago with Brickman as found on –

1. What do you people usually ask you about the porn biz? –

Civilians usually ask if nude girls are just walking in and out of my office all day. What they don’t realize is that it’s just like working in a non-porn business, but with a better view. Another question I get a lot is how can I get into the business. It’s really not THAT easy and in the same breath, it is THAT easy. Depends on what you’re after and who you know. Knowing me is a great start. 😉

2. Tell us about your job at Dimension DVD.

I am VP/Co-Owner. We started the company in September 2000 to bring professional DVD authoring to the Adult Industry. We were able to become THE BEST at what we do and currently work with the most notable names in the Industry. We are celebrating our tenth year milestone this September. My job duties involve customer service, sales, networking, and boring office paperwork. I love what I do at Dimension DVD regardless of the boring stuff and I really do love working with my clients, helping them with their projects, etc.

3. Why did you decide to take another job and become part of Skinworxxx? –

I met Josh Lehman and Teagan when they brought Dimension DVD the movie Sun Goddess Malibu to be authored. Josh and I clicked right away, like 2 people that have known each other for years and became great friends almost instantaneously. Since I’ve grown up around the Industry and my father owned a production studio (Cinderella, aka CDI), I’ve always dreamed of having my own production studio. An opportunity arose where I could own a part of what I feel is a great studio with a great future and decided to become a part of skinworXXX. At the moment, I don’t have any day-to-day job duties with skinworXXX, so I am able to devote my time to Dimension DVD and serve our clients’ needs.

4. What do you do at Skinworxxx ?

I hold the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer). I don’t have any day-to-day duties at the moment, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.

5. How is it to hang around with porn stars all the time?

Well, so far it’s been great! In my life being around the Industry, I’ve never had the opportunity I currently have to hang around with the stars as I have been recently. I’ve always had non-industry girlfriends and they were not comfortable with me hanging around the girls in the Industry. Also, my father kept me very separated from the production side of the business. Since I’ve always wanted to be involved in every facet of this Industry, I took it upon myself to become more involved and visible. So far, it’s been great; I’ve met a lot of really nice people and I hope to keep them as friends.

6. Do you have friends that are not in the biz that are jealous of your jobs?

Most of my friends are non-industry people. A lot of them have been my friends for quite some time and are not jealous of my job, but I do have those friends that are jealous or envious of my job, yes. They all want to be invited to set or an event where ‘porn girls’ (as they put it) are going to be.

7. Have you ever dated a porn star?

I have never had the opportunity to date a porn star. I am however open to the idea and would welcome any takers, haha. I’m definitely an eligible bachelor. The only thing is, they HAVE to be iPhone users! Haha, LOL, Just kidding!

8. Okay, how about had sex with a porn star?

Yes, I have had opportunities to have sex with a porn star, which of course I have taken advantage of.

9. Describe what you consider a romantic date.

Wow. I haven’t had to think about this in a long time.

10. Describe your Ideal mate.

A girl. Haha. No, in reality, it would be great to find a girl that is independent, beautiful, smart, sexy, loves sports (especially hockey), uses an iPhone (haha) and loves me for me. I know I am a bit high maintenance, but I know how to treat a woman and the payoff would definitely be worth it for that lucky girl.

11. What is the funniest thing that every happened to you at work?

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. However, on this trip with Josh and Teagan, I’ve been plagued by Josh taking his camera flash and flashing me in the eyes in the dark nightclubs by tricking me into looking at him. I had to expect it, since I am a freshman on this tour.

12. List 10 things you cant live without and why.

1. iPhone – cause it helps me stay connected. Also, I can listen to music and tweet. It’s the single greatest device I’ve ever owned.
2. iPad – I’ll be able to get more work done on the go. This will be the second greatest device I will own.
3. Electricity – to charge my devices.
4. An Internet connection – duh!
5. Food – I love to eat.
6. My friends – makes life more fun and worth living.
7. Women – I love women. That’s all that is needed to say here.
8. Coke Zero – I just love a glass of Coke Zero. Great tasting and refreshing.
9. Hockey – I love this sport and especially love the LA Kings. In my mind it’s the best sport ever invented.
10. DVR – One of the devices that had made my life easier and more enjoyable. Now I can be anywhere but home and still be able to watch my shows at a later date.

13. Who is the person who influenced you the most in your life & how?

I would have to say my father. My father instilled a great work ethic in me and showed me how to become successful in business and life. Although my father was more reserved socially than I am, but, it’s because of his reservedness, that I decided to become more outgoing and social. He is a great man and I attribute a lot of my success in life to his influence.

14. What is the hardest thing you have dealt with in your life, and how did you make it through?

Luckily, I have not had a hard life. I haven’t been stricken with any diseases, nor have I had any close friends or family pass away. However, the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with is starting and running my business. It’s been a hard 10 years, but it’s been successful and I’ve loved every minute of it and continue to love every minute of it. I make it through everyday by making priorities and following through on them. My business is my #1 priority; fun comes after work is done. Sometimes fun gets priority. Haha

15. Describe yourself in ten words or less
1. Driven
2. Successful
3. Available
4. Intelligent
5. Handsome
6. Funny
7. Laid-back
8. Athletic
9. Nerdy
10. Horny

16. What is something you paid for that wasn’t worth the money?

My laptop. I have a MacBook Pro and I barely use it. It wa only not worth it because I don’t use it, not because it’s a bad computer. Anyone interested in buying it from me? It’s for sale.

17. If you inherited five million dollars (after taxes, lol) from an unknown rich uncle, what would you do with the money.

Buy a lot of hookers! Haha lol. I think I would just invest it wisely and relax somewhere. But I would definitely go on a spending spree first!
I would still want to be involved in the Adult Industry, since I am very passionate about it.

18. What do you want to achieve in your life?

Happiness and stress-freedom. At the moment, I am happy in my life; I’d love to have a person to share it with. I want to travel and see the world. I have been outside the USA, but I want to go to more places.

19. Where would you like to be ten years from now?

On an island sipping margaritas on the beach.

20. What type of sex turns you on the most? Do you have a fetish?

Dirty porn star sex. Haha. I actually do love dirty sex and prefer that over ‘making love’ which seems too generic for me. I’ll take generic sex, but if it’s more uninhibited and primal, that’s what really gets me turned on. I love sex in public, private, in cars, etc. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s sweaty and crazy, count me in. I need to find someone with my sex-drive. I don’t have any specific fetishes… My main fetish is SEX. I’ll let you know if anything jumps out at me in the future.

21. What Cause and/or Charity do you support and/or fight for?

I haven’t ever really been directly involved in charity or anything specific. I do give stuff to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I have also given to various charities as well. I support the First Amendment and if needed would lend support for the cause.

22. Tell us about how sports fit into your life.

I love sports. My favorite sport is Hockey and I have season tickets to the Los Angeles Kings. I have pretty good seats too. 😉

I like going to games of any kind or watching sports on TV. I am not, however, addicted to sports and can go without watching sports for an extended period of time. The only thing I am rabid for is my LA Kings hockey and will do almost anything to see a game on TV or go to a game.

23. How do you feel about religion/God?

I am Jewish. I do not believe in god, because I do not believe an entity such as that exists. I do not attend church/temple services or subscribe to any religious beliefs. People can be very rabid about religion and politics, so I tend to stay away from lengthy discussions with anyone because it becomes non-friendly very quickly. However, the bible was a very good fictional story. I’ll leave it at that.

24. What political party would you be a member of, and how does politics affect your life?

I am not particularly political, again, because it’s a subject that seems to keep people apart, rather than bringing people together. I prefer to spend my time talking about subjects less broadly varied in opinion than politics and religion. I do feel that politicians are only out for their own agendas and do not care for the people. Unfortunately, politics and politicians are an ingrained part of our society and we have to deal with their BS on a daily basis. That being said, I am a Republi-Crat. I am basically a mixture of beliefs from both parties and when I vote I don’t vote Rebublican or Democrat, I vote for what I feel is the best bill, proposition or candidate. Democrats have historcally been more lenient towards our Industry, so I would rather see a Democratic president, because that suits my needs.


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