Ex Sin City Contract Girl Knocked Up By Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan

Fear Factor’s Joe Rogan was a guest on Howard Stern’s show this morning, and Rogan confessed that he had some of his own when an ex-porn star named Crystal confronted him about the baby she had from her one-night stand with him. Crystal, however, said she had an abortion after six weeks. News which didn’t make Rogan feel any easier about the situation.

“He was my first one-night stand,” Crystal told Stern. Crystal was on the show to participate in a contest with her twin sister, Jocelyn. Crystal says she and Jocelyn were in the porn business only until recently but left. Crystal said they were under contract to a company [Sin City] but were reluctant to provide anymore details than that.

[Gene sez: Crystal and Jocelyn went under the names Taylor and Tyler, the Starr Twins.]

Rogan corrected Crystal on one point. He said he banged her in a trailer. Crystal said she met Rogan through Ron Jeremy and learned a lot from the situation by getting pregnant. The news took both Stern and Rogan aback. Crystal, however, said she isn’t the kind of person that would use a situation against someone else. Crystal also said she had called Rogan when she found out she was pregnant. “Come on, Joe, this was like six, seven years ago- of course you’re not going to remember.” Rogan said he didn’t but confessed that his heart was going a mile-a-minute with Crystal’s revelations.

Rogan said he was nervous because he could have a 7 year-old running around. “Not by me,” said Crystal. Rogan said the scary part is that he would be connected to someone he doesn’t know for the rest of his life and would have to deal with her anytime he wanted to see the kid. [Crystal doesn’t know the sex of the kid.] Because of that incident, Crystal has a strict policy now of not sleeping with celebrities. Stern ascertained that Rogan didn’t use a rubber, that he pulled out.

“Exactly,” said Crystal. “Even I was surprised that, you know, I was pregnant. Rogan asked how she knew it was his kid. Crystal said because she hadn’t been seeing anybody. “That’s not what you told me back then,” said Rogan, his memory becoming much more clearer. “You were banging a lot of dudes.” Crystal objected, claiming that it had only been her second trip to L.A. “I was 18 years-old!” Rogan said she was doing porn [at the time].

“No, honey, I wasn’t,” Crystal protested. “Ron told me you were doing porn,” Rogan replied. Crystal said she didn’t start doing porn until she moved out to L.A. but is convinced she wound up doing the right thing. Besides, Crystal said she never had the mind to have the kid. “Someone told me to do that [have the kid]; I said no.” Crystal claims she’s not bitter or angry about the incident. Crystal said the one-timer was pretty good. “Oh, he really likes me! He had sex with me, yeah, so…” Crystal said the sex was great and that Rogan was only her second guy. Rogan reacted like he didn’t believe that statement.

“I mean she’s hanging out with Ron Jeremy,” Rogan said for one. Crystal claims she had just met Jeremy. Rogan begged to differ. “You hadn’t just met him- you were taking pictures for magazines.” Rogan said he only knows what Jeremy told him. Crystal admitted that, besides Rogan, she had another abortion- with her ex-fiance. Crystal said she did that because she has a lot of living to do and is not ready to settle down to kids. “That body has a lot more banging to do,” Stern noted. He also wondered if Rogan had a big penis. Crystal aid she doesn’t measure guys. Asked if it hurt, Crystal said no, that she doesn’t like it when it does. Rogan wondered what hurt more, him or the vacuum. Crystal said Jocelyn even makes jokes about it to this day about something going down the toilet.

Robin wanted to know the back story about how Rogan got Crystal in the trailer. He remembers it not being that difficult. Crystal said Rogan had been leaving the set of News Radio and she had just arrived with Phil Hartman. Asked if she had been getting it on with Hartman, Crystal said, emphatically, no. Asked why she isn’t more of a sleep around, Crystal said she has to be stimulated mentally. Stern didn’t think he was capable of that. Crystal explained back when she did Rogan, she didn’t really think that way. Crystal said Rogan’s good looks plus the fact that he liked her was enough to seal the deal. Plus given the choice between Rogan and Hartman, she wanted Rogan, Crystal admits candidly. Except for the fact that he’s dead, Rogan said it might have been smooth sailing had she stuck with Hartman.

Rogan points out that he also tried talking Crystal out of a boob job, that she had a pretty good body. Crystal begged to differ and explained that she gained a lot of weight when she got off of “blow” and wanted her smaller tits to match up. “I didn’t want to stop eating because I love food.” After the fuck session, Crystal said Rogan, rather than give her cab fare, dropped her off at where she was staying. Rogan said trailer activity was pretty common on the set of News Radio. “There was a lot of freakiness going on that set.” Crystal explained that Ron Jeremy brought her and Jocelyn to the set. “We asked Ronnie if he knew anybody so we could go see a taping. But before then we had met Joe at The Comedy Store.”

In a long-winded, involved and hard-to-follow story, Crystal offered explanation how she hooked up with Rogan in his trailer. Her and her sister were leaving The Opium Den, and ran into Hartman. Hartman was looking for something to do at 2 in the morning, whereas Jocelyn was ready to pack it in for the night. Hartman suggested going back to the “lot.” Crystal explained that half the cast of News Radio was there, and Rogan said they’d hang around and drink after the show. Stern conceded that chicks are impressed by lots. Rogan said his trailer wasn’t impressive. Crystal remembers chatting with Rogan. “We went inside and started talking. One thing pretty much led to another.”

“Joe’s no homo,” I’ll tell ya that, Stern said. Crystal says no one to this day believes that Rogan was only her second guy. Crystal claims she didn’t bang Jeremy. Stern just thought it pretty amazing that Rogan didn’t use a condom. Stern also said that Crystal didn’t make it clear what lesson she learned from the episode. She’s saying in another way, that she won’t sleep with a person until she knows them mentally. Stern said that means Crystal won’t be banging any more celebrities. Rogan said he wanted to apologize to all men in the future for ruining it for them. Stern thought Crystal’s views a bit hypocritical since she was in the porn business.

“Honey, there’s a huge difference,” she said. Stern asked Jocelyn why she didn’t bang Rogan. She said she was engaged at the time. The sisters claim they’ve never done the same guy that they have different tastes in men. Jocelyn said she paid for the abortion. When presented with information that contradicted their statement about banging the same guy, the girls said it happened in a porno but that it was a totally different set of circumstances. “That’s totally different,” they said, the difference being that you’re getting paid. Asked if they’d do each other in a scene, the sisters said no. Even for ten grand. The girls said their father, who raised them alone, is in computers; their mother they refer to as the “egg donor.”

“She’s somewhere,” they said. Asked why they quit the porn business, Jocelyn said it wasn’t their scene and now she makes money by being a computer consultant. Crystal said she’s worked for a classic rock station in promotions. Stern took that to mean she ran around in a bikini. Crystal said she had no regrets about what happened. Stern said it would have been a better segment if she had the baby.

Asked about their contract, Jocelyn said they had it for six months but ended it after one-month. “Under the agreement that we don’t do any adult films or adult work in the industry and that was perfectly fine with us.”


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