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Elon Musk's Hostile Take Over Twitter Has Homo Mafia in Panic Mode

Elon claims he will make Twitter an open free speech zone  faggots and bugmen are screaming and having emotional meltdowns.

Eitherway, it turns out  Vijaya Gadde was responsible for the censorship of The New York Post's story on Hunter Biden's laptop.

only time will tell, if Elon Musk is really serious or another blowhard.


The Global Homo elites and their minions have already been slinging names at Elon referring to him as "racist, transphobic and homophobic."

Elon Musk’s Transphobia on Twitter Is Not a Joke

Guys, I migrated here from pwl almost immediately after the shutdown. What is the new website so I can migrate there? ADULTFYI is not that helpful or at all like the old PWL


I offer these names as tribute

Charley Chase (the 2000s model) = Katherine McLaughlin runs Body Sugar now

Mila Jade (short career but did over 100 videos) = Vanessa Faith Cassady (she does modeling)

Heather Ideepthroat = It's actually Tamara Youdel Horton, and Jim I believe is Christopher


Adultfyi is the new website, however, someone could've already purchased the site. Looking at the posts on this site, it might already have a new owner. I don't know of any other sites that are similar to this or PWL. You can post in the industry forum if you'd like.


All I know is that Donny has been promoting his freespeechsocial site before he sold adultfyi, his new site is more politics and non-porn related though. Although that site has also been down for a while too.


Elon Musk withdraws $44bn bid to buy Twitter after weeks of high drama